in praise of ye posta bet mekina

In a world where celerity is prized the most, even the Etyopian Postal Service does not give due credit to its car; all that talk about EMS and they make no mention of this amazing, well, car.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. It sucks but I know this piece won’t do justice to the way it has been running through my mind for months now.

Ye posta bet mekina is more than just a car. It is the epitome of overcoming el acomodador and achieving Zen (okay okay! that may be stretching it a bit.) It embarks upon its journey one hour before Selam and Sky Buses, but soon they would be whizzing by, showing it their asses –leaving it in their respective dust. Again, this seems to be an overstatement —arigato to the Japanese, most of the road is very nice asphalt.

Ye posta bet mekina, seeing this, does it give up? No siree! It keeps its own pace; makes multiple stops (gotta serve the people with that post delivery, man!) sometimes it backtracks to see if it has dropped something 🙂  it may sometimes overtake its nemeses when their occupants are stretching their legs or taking a piss, but it won’t be long before the natural order of things is restored; in good time it passes Medihanealem Betekristian, the gateway to Bahir Dar (or as one of the drivers likes to call it –Bahrain) making you feel like you have traveled, really traveled: none of that haste.

The aforementioned driver/MC goes out of his way to cheer up the travelers, telling jokes. Most of the jokes may come off as unfunny but you never know with these things –it’s either the teller or the audience. Anyway, props to him for trying.

Please don’t be surprised if you come upon him playing songs demanding the release of Teddy Afro two years after the release of Teddy Afro. It is a governmental organization; they don’t earmark budget for the hottest and latest releases.

I guess the moral of the previous paragraphs is, never give up. And it is in this legendary mekina that I plan, deo volente, to hit Addis Abeba tomorrow. I have got tickets and everything:

I guess the moral of the paragraphs previous to the last is, it is cheaper.

So, enqutatash is upon us once again! (i hate this saying; makes enqutatash sound like the plague.) Stay positive people! And to those of you (us) who aren’t,  let’s get your (our) negative asses to an absolute value near you(us). While you are in there, please be careful not to get cocky of your newfound positivity, lest you should knock down the bars:

Talking to our subscribers –all six of them: enkuan adresachihu! I am glad that you have found it necessary to subscribe to our bullshit but I highly doubt that you read our posts. Especially after noticing the millions of junk mail that people leave unattended to in their inboxes. God bless the lazy in you! I don’t know about the other two but personally, I can work with the illusion of being read. And there is that little issue of the relief I feel every time I hit the publish button on a new post, regardless of how mind-numbing the topic might be. That feeling is still going strong.

Here is to another year of release therapy!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. getere
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 20:42:22

    and by the way one of our subscribers is me.


  2. getere
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 15:10:00

    does that mean you plan to post yourself to adisaba? you wouldn’t have trouble entertaining yourself with the pile of mails.

    “deo volente”? how risky is the bahir dar to adisaba road now? have they finished repairing the “abay bereha” road? also if i were you i’d take the bus. the minibuses are faster but they are no better ventilated than the buses. “meskotin zigaw bird andatasmetagn bakih”. ring a bell? more importantly, the buses are safer. speak to “yagerih sewoch” on your way so you don’t get bored.

    whatever it is, i like that figure with stretched arms.


    • ti be be
      Sep 08, 2011 @ 20:15:39

      i have arrived safe, thanks for asking!

      be careful what you wish for: this trip was specially drawn out, it took 13 hrs. two stops -tire change and problem with the hand brakes.

      i was asleep when we crossed abay bereha. i have to agree with you -the life expectancy of people who ride on minibuses should be calculated in a separate manner.

      no, we don’t get to chill with the mail -they sit at the back.

      i don’t think you are one of the subscribers (the email subscribers that is)


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