mithat, asmat… you best believe the hype!

magic you don’t believe in

I ask you how come

when there is distance in between

I ebb, am unwholesome

and when you are near

no wand

just a hand, a touch

I, as the world knows me

as you made me


no abracadabra either

my name through your lips

with all the petals of my being

towards you, my sun, I blossom

crystal balls

what need do you have for them ?!

the future lies in your eyes

my reflection in them

is the best person I have ever been

ever will be

they are twice the affirmation

twice the promise

screw magic carpets!

I know

your feet carry thoughts of me

everywhere that you go

so, next time you walk around

on God’s green earth

blissfully ignorant of your powers

feel ordinary

just remember this

if it were the 17th century, they would have burned you alive

you’ve been put on earth

to prove yourself wrong

I salute my unassuming teacher

now we are a couple of sorcerers

and then I wake up


This is the first post from Addis Ababa in over 28 months.


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