four civilizations (and how they are faring)

ETv news can be really informative. I don’t know if they planned it that way, but the following is what I have come to realize in a thirty minute sitting:
1. The Egyptians are still reeling in the aftershock of last year’s turmoil. Abune Paulos’ visit to Cairo may have been aimed at transferring much needed lessons on stability
2. The Greek prime minister resigned over economic woes
3. Ditto in Rome
4. The heir-apparent to the Axumite civilization (a.k.a. Etyopia) however, is boasting one of the four most dynamic economies this year, according to BBC. Cases in point, Nas biscuit factory and a high rise that is being constructed next to Mega Building, home of Ernst and Young Ethiopia. It was an example of the “sweet” in the unilateral bittersweet love affair that ETv seems to be having with BBC. And they did not want to spoil/neutralize it with that piece about the self- immolation of that Ethiopian (RIP my brother!) I mean, why should they? Why should anyone living in a country that is at the same place China (another ancient civilization) used to be twenty years ago decide to burn themselves? Bummer, huh!


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  1. tibebe
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 15:15:16

    in dawro, southern etyopia. he was a teacher.


  2. getere
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 18:03:41

    Yeah. I saw their video too. But living here means any news you see about Etyopia (and other “developing” countries too) is usually about how sick people are, how poor they are, war, hunger…. What they put up is true, thousands DO die from drought. But they neglect good news. And usually their reporters don’t know much about the country. That’s why I firmly believe we should own our narrative, be it good news or bad news. I value the input from Ethiopian bloggers and part time journalists ten times than BBC and ETV combined.

    Self immolation? Was it in adisaba?


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