Favourable day to most except a few hiccups at work. Good time to watch your health too.

Damn you Neptune” is my favourite 😀

Failed relationships

Blank canvas.
Many of them.
Seemingly worth.
Blank canvas.

it’s not like i haven’t tried

Matter of fact, I think I try very hard. But more often than not, it does not work out the way it is supposed to. Sick and tired of preparing my ass off for class; entering class feeling like one who carries an awkward load would; and just dropping that unruly weight on the poor students. I guess when you try hard that’s when you die hard. Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow, and a gentler and,  what the heck, mellow, delivery. Amen all the way to heaven and back!


good music, aaaaaaaaah!

It is a sad country where Sayat, Abel and Mikyas pass for hot artists.

Allow me to introduce you to (I hope someone has not beat me to it) –which in my view is –the best musical production to have come out of Ethiopia in recent years. Menfesawi and alemawi musicians alike, take note –this is how it should be done!

Our childhoods are made of this and an interview on EBS with the woman who designed the costumes brought back nice memories of Hizb leHizb. Anyone know where I could find the DVD? I would name the fruit of my loins after them.


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