gone gena

Going home for Gena armed with a to-do-list having 41 things on it. Well, first on the list was “make a to-do-list”, which I managed to cross out without delay, and with an immense sense of self-satisfaction. The stuff in there is diverse; some I have to do before I leave, and the others, while in Addis Abeba: taking the mobile charger home, drinking filter Tela in exhibition center, buying return tickets before they are sold out, lidet, leqso, herbals from Ariti, coffee from Robera, leaving keys with people, find a quote that has to do with gout, wezete wezete.

The beauty of to-do-lists lies not only in their service as useful reminders (of sometimes useless stuff) but also in the ease with which one can compose them. A piece of paper and a pen in one’s pocket is all what it takes.

I’ll tell you what is difficult to compose –“a done-list”. Lives are spent making an endless list of wishes, needs, desires, … , all the while paying little or no attention to the things that have been achieved, to the things that really matter, to Providence.

I know that instead of counting my blessings, kicking back and enjoying the holiday, my mind and body will be running hither and thither, trying to cross out an additional thing from the list. However, trite as it may seem, the fact that I am going back home to a family that, to borrow an expression from Arrow of God, is “quiet” , is top of my done-list, and by miles too.


And oh, asina bel asina genaye 🙂

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  1. getere
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 03:30:05

    oh well…


  2. getere
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 00:18:32

    completely agree on the beauty of todo lists. you can keep dumping your thoughts on them and keep your mind free. when i have a trip approaching i simply dump all my thoughts then categorize them into specific dates i plan to do them.

    after having attended presentations on Lean methods at work i became more comfortable with crossing out some of my tasks as “not able to do”. one of the principles of Lean is to eliminate a backlog of work. tasks not only should be prioritised properly, those that cannot be done within a reasonable time should be erased out because maintaining a backlog by itself drags work. so your todo will then be a real todo list, not a “todo list + wish list”. alternatively, you can put a “have fun with friends and family for eight hours each day” as part of your todo and give it higher priority.


  3. Elyas Mulu Kiros
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 17:40:37

    Hahaha … iLike your take on ‘the to-do list’ and ‘the done list’ … lol very accurate!

    Damn lucky man!!! Am so jealous!!! Bel engdih I wish you safe travels, and yesefer Tela sitigat sekreh yemenged-boy wust endatigegn bicha naw firhate lol Good luck with the lidet, leqso and merdo … shoot … ive never been good at that man! That is the worst nightmare for me whenever I go back cuz i dont know what to do especially leqso dires sibal … ayin fitit tirs gitit negn most of the time ena enba keyet abatu yimta sitfeligew ….gadyamit!! 😀

    … hey iLike too the new look of the blog! betam arif … i see that you guys are experimenting with all the different themes. 🙂 That’s cool. You will eventually find something you like and that readers find pleasing. Usually I prefer brighter one like this. 🙂

    Anyway … yimechih yagerlij! Legnam engdih tsiwaw endidersen tseliyilin … endenante delton muq endinagnik yitseleyilin …. 😉


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