World music from lastfm

I have been listening to “World Music” from lastfm the past two weeks. I discovered good bands and groups. I have about fifteen songs in my “burn on CD” list. Three of them here.

Shrine – Beats Antique

They say “some rights reserved” on their website, which turns out to be a Creative Commons License. The song is free to copy, remix and use for commercial use! Oy. But why are almost all their shows in the states. They should go out a bit more like their songs.

Habibi Min Zaman – Balkan Beat Box

In fact I discovered this band after a Balkan music night in Edinburgh by a group who call themselves Balkanarama. Balkanarama’s tag line is “Hot Balkan Instrumental Orgy!”. Trust me, they mean it. The very next day I started digging Balkan music on Spotify and BBB came on top of my search.

Bo’ee – The Idan Raichel Project

This one is in Hebrew and Amharic. The deep male voice singing in Amharic is by a Begena musician. Anyone know his name? He is known for singing spiritual songs but he doesn’t at all feel out of place here. I love the video. Friends hanging out can make a great clip too! There are comments on the video with Amharic & Hebrew to English translation.



Nice Impression of Michael Caine.

This guy is good too.

Michael Cain doing Michael Cain!

My earliest memory of ripped jeans as a fashion statement was Whitney wearing them on the video of I am your baby tonight. When our family got its first CD player (a pioneer in more ways than one), the soundtrack of the Bodyguard was on heavy rotation. My love is your love, the album was the ish; in the days of tape cassette collections, it was one of a handful of albums from a single artist that I copped. I wished that she would make the big comeback befitting her.

Now she is gone. Like most of them, she reveled in the public eye and most likely suffered behind closed doors. Sure, the media  is (we are) going to have a field day with her death and the “circumstances”; her songs are for a while going to be played over and over; albums are going to be flying off the shelves; tributes are going to flow; I am going to write this piece about one of my favorite artists –a true talent.

In a moment, most of us are going to forget about her and move on with our lives. But I hope at this moment, just like in the song, she is standing at the front line, the Lord is happy to see her, happy with her response and gives her eternal peace.


Pusio (pronounced “Pushio”)

His previous owner said he was like a dog. Now that I’ve had him for a few days, I sort of agree. Many cats we had back home were, as I have now have gathered, Abyssinian cats. Apparently Abyssinians are known to be energetic and less interested in being held. Ah. That explains it.

He’s sleeping now. But he shall get up in the middle of the night. Things will start falling, creatures will crawl inside my bed, and some closed doors shall open.

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