Pusio (pronounced “Pushio”)

His previous owner said he was like a dog. Now that I’ve had him for a few days, I sort of agree. Many cats we had back home were, as I have now have gathered, Abyssinian cats. Apparently Abyssinians are known to be energetic and less interested in being held. Ah. That explains it.

He’s sleeping now. But he shall get up in the middle of the night. Things will start falling, creatures will crawl inside my bed, and some closed doors shall open.


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  1. Dere
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 15:36:32

    so true!….Abyssinian cats are ghetto – Untouchable realist thugz!… strolling and terrorizing neighbourhood kitchens, trying to hustle their next fix (“food”) 🙂 They have given me nasty scratches & bites ( yes, they do bite and it is so so so not cool!).

    Pusio is surprisingly calm, fluffy,playful, friendly, cuddly and knows how to use a litter tray………but my God, he’z got the scariest eyes i have ever seen on planet earth! 🙂 ohhh ,especially at night, if by accident we cross path in the corridor all i see is his tiny ghostly shadow and those wild piercing green eyes beaconing in my direction …and that tiny figure creeping ever so slowly towards my direction!! (“yaaaa’yiiiks!”). …

    but when i turn on the lights in sheer panic ( with all the gangsta Abyssinian cats raw hustle flashing right before my eyes)……………….I noticed that the poor creature actually had its tail up like an antenna, moving towards me to brush itself against my legs to show me some love!! 🙂 Something i need to get used to.

    Oh, and those mice – haha , better run B*&ches cuz “Jack Bauer” is in the house! 🙂


  2. tibebe
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 14:27:16

    “ida kemeda” alu! 😐

    why “pushio?”


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