I was talking with someone and the conversation swung to those small ball Kenyan bubble gums from back in the days; and we wondered how much they went for these days. The answer came in the evening, from the shopkeeper in our neighborhood: they still cost 10 cents!!!

The price of damn near everything has gone up (and is still going up.) But not this stalwart species of bubble gum. Even the price of Desta Keremela is not what it used to be. Moreover, there is a knock off that goes by the name Des. But it comes as no surprise because happiness is probably the one thing with the most counterfeits.

Maybe with the bubble gum, they thought the better of adding five cents to the price –no one was going to believe them if they said “this is going to cost this much.” Just think what that must do to the self-esteem of the bubble gum.



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  1. tibebe
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 15:24:45

    abu walad is doing great. it is the country of its making that has been going through political turmoil.

    by gabet’a are you referring to the ones that used to be packed four in a plastic bag and each cost 20 cents? i used to get into debt, trying to have one of those. they tasted very nice, soaked in water.


  2. Dere
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 18:36:05

    haha.. reminds me of “demet fit” through the green “feregreg” selling those sun dried “kerefa” and “toru” chewing gums at Sain jo (bless him). Especially i remember when we used to get a reddish centre in one of the “desta keremelas” we apparently for some weird reason used to think it was rat poison!?!…lol. ..i wonder if its our ghosts wondering around in this F**kd up world not knowing that we’re all dead 🙂

    oh yes, this coloured balls ( no racial slurs intended) were my favourite!! Sadly the taste wears out in just a couple of watery chews and it starts to taste more like rubber dipped in vinegar (blaaaaaaaaa). No wonder the price stayed the same or else the manufacturer would have ended up chewing them all alone for dinner 🙂

    Who else remembers “Cheralia”, “Abu Walad” and ” Gabet’a” biscuits from back in the days?? hmmmmm maybe they are still around …somewhere….


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