random as damn

Now I see why I used to flunk Physucks. The books,  had they been as hot as they are now, then maybe, probably, in all likelihood, …


they say it is a beautiful day

sprawled on the asphalt

face down

why do you refuse to take in the beauty

all the movement

all the color around you?

it’s like nature is putting out

for me and you and you and you

look at the spectacle

the magnificence of life, of another day

and all that lies therein

instead of being the spectacle

writing with your own color

red on black

vanity of vanities; all is vanity

too late for you

too early for everyone else to read it

even if  the world had the chance to see it

would they see your face again tonight

a reflection of themselves in the mirror?

yeah, it’s  a beautiful day

with beginnings and ends

comings and goings

everyone’s load is the heaviest

everyone’s on top of the world

endless thoughts

until  suddenly? they are brought to an end

Inspired by the road accident victim whom I saw the last time I went to Haddis Tsige.

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  1. Elyas Mulu Kiros
    May 05, 2012 @ 14:48:37

    Hahahaha that damn picture is so hilarious!

    And yes the txt book looks awesome! But the challenge now is not the way the books look, but the way the learning process is taking place 😦 … 1) majority of the students fail to understand English, 2) they barely use the book in class since class ends before they even comprehend what the plaza tv says … etc. Despite the good intentions behind the new policy, the shortcomings are not promptly addressed and that makes the policy worthless to say it harshly. But for the few self-motivated students, I think it’s a good system since it provides them with variety of choices that the classroom teacher won’t be able to compensate, given the fact most of the teachers, especially in the countryside are less qualified to teach the subjects they teach. Blah……


    • tibebe
      May 06, 2012 @ 15:38:09

      i think the following could make a world of a difference:
      – SUBSTANTIAL wage increases should be made for elementary, middle and high school teachers
      – Etyopian students should be fluent in both Amharic (interact with each other) and English (interact with the world)
      – Etyopian students should not take being fluent in English for the pinnacle of knowledge
      – Etyopian students should be exposed not only to the written word but all sorts of practical knowledge
      – By the end of grade 12, they should be able to think by themselves.
      – Etyopian students should not be so fond of pieces of paper (as in diplomas and the like)

      I have sent a copy of this to the ministry of education 🙂


      • Elyas Mulu Kiros
        May 06, 2012 @ 15:53:32

        Excellent recommendations! I totally agree with each point. I would add that not only increasing wages, but also constantly upgrading the knowledge of the teachers is essential. Aemrowachew beyegizew memored alebet in other words. 🙂


        • tibebe
          May 07, 2012 @ 15:51:06

          just give us that increase in wages already and we shall be updating like crazy (instead of hugging bottles, that is) 🙂


        • andthree
          May 07, 2012 @ 21:56:45

          Who is getting overpaid in Ethiopia? What’s the metrics? How do we actually get closer to fairness?

          Some good reasons why students aren’t fluent in Amharic and English. 1) It is not their native language and they don’t have the resources to study English, neither do their teachers. 2) They want to promote their own cultures and values by speaking their own language.

          Almost all study materials are in English. We are also surrounded by the English language outside school. Try to replace English with Arabic and think about all the things you will miss out. I see what you mean by English not being an end by itself but it is a very important step whether we like it or not.

          Practical knowledge is good…assignments and projects worked for me. I also used to have students who were excited to take one of my suggested projects in summer.

          Define “thinking by themselves”…

          Pieces of paper are good means of getting employment – and hence food to survive.

          Elyas, how can their knowledge be upgraded? Typically a graduate will need to support his/her family because they were being supported by family all along. There is a big expectation from them when they finish their first degree. And because they don’t get that much money they can work for many years and still can’t afford to stop their work and study. I have seen some teachers being supported by the government to do their masters. I don’t know how they become eligible (obviously almost everyone would want to do their masters while still being paid full salary). Should the government then budget more money for this? What other expense can be cut down to make this affordable?

          Sorry if I am taking this topic too seriously. But I need to dig deeper if I am to learn something.


  2. getere
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 20:01:19

    now that they’ve said it, who’d want to touch that thing to turn it off?

    pictures cool. maybe you’d have been a physics whiz. but i think i prefer confusing poems over quantum physics equations.

    i hope he/she recovers. i hope there was some statistics about road accidents in ethiopia (type of car, reason for accident, people involved in accident, time of accident, location, etc). you can start by making a one minute advert on FM radios to educate people and reduce accidents.


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