the week in brief

Let’s see…

Well, I celebrated my three-years-in-Bahir Dar anniversary. I drank more ethanol than any other week in my life. Taught foreigners for the first time.


I hear a significant proportion of one of my new classes consists in Eritrean refugees. And that was why I was stressed to a higher degree than the usual level of stress that I experience before starting a new class; or before any class for that matter. I mean, I am representing Etyopia here, people! So my English has got to be on point; I have to bring my A game on subject matter. And my better self says to remember that I am here to teach, regardless of creed, race or color.

The class went aight. One of those classes.  Couldn’t tell Etyopian from Eritrean. They all channel apathy in the same way. I tell you–you cannot tell them apart! And I am not trying to channel Teddy here, trust me.

And yet, I tried to be careful about my wording and got queasy when:

  • a student used cluster to define the aggregates formed by hydrophobic interactions
  • I likened hydrophobic interactions (and the freedom of water molecules that they engender) to hoarding prisoners in a single cell and with the minimum number of guards, the guards being water molecules
  • I used the enemy of my enemy is my friend to point out that,  even though they don’t possess a marked affinity for each other,  non-polar substances  come together in the face of a common enemy–water

I learned that Chinese scientists succeeded in cloning a sheep with zero cholesterol ergo making it something to be devoured with no worries. Get the fuck outta here ETV! How long are people going to go on demeaning my good fellow cholesterol and get away with it scot free? Feel free to Google the actual news.  This week I discovered Yeshi Demelash. Voice like Mikaya (which I don’t hate), and I’m getting sick of patriotic songs (Etyopia, Habesha, Arenguade BiCHa Qey, wené, Abay, andegna, wezete; why don’t they sing about the all the good contributions of cholesterol for a change) but a decent album all the same.  And to my surprise, she is the judge from idol! I don’t watch that much TV.

Although the video does not show it, she does a nice riff at the end. A riff, I hear that’s what it’s called.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. getere
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 21:50:48

    happy three years! keep up the analogies. analogies, stories and questions keep the mind engaged.

    the song is nice. i hear jazz is becoming popular arenguade hagerachin wust.


  2. tibebe
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 16:01:38

    likewise, my good man! it’s been a while since you were last seen around these parts. will give serious consideration to the asked for reportage 🙂

    yeah, teaching has got its moments.


  3. Elyas Mulu Kiros
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 17:08:11

    Great to hear ur voice, sir. 🙂 Eski sile bahir dar yenurona yayer huneta yachawtun on ur next repreportage. beterefe ive enjoyed this entry. Teaching seems fun. Would love to do it some day.


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