A random excerpt from: Ethiopia A Short Illustrated History, edited by Kiros Habte Selassie and Mazengia Dina.


1. The Ethiopian armies were defeated by better trained, and far better armed, forces – especially in artillery and planes.
2. By the treachery of some Ethiopian leaders, and by the weakness of the others when faced by an entirely new sort of war about which they knew nothing.
3. The Ethiopian soldiers were demoralised by the use of poison and planes.
4. The Ethiopian government, without a modern army the equal of Italy’s (as had been the case in 1896), put much of its trust in the League of Nations, which here proved useless.

Yet the Emperor’s decision to leave Ethiopia was certainly right. During his exile he was able to interest the British in the cause of Ethiopia sufficiently to get help in 1941; he was also able to influence the British and others enough to avoid a British takeover in 1941 or a United Nations Trusteeship in 1946. It was the Emperor’s international reputation which kept Ethiopia independent after the war.

Ethiopian fighters.

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