Intention, purpose, vision, mission,…

A slightly ticked off and tired-looking guy, going hither and thither, holding a couple of stapled papers, which he has creased the shit out of –that’s me these days. That’s their idea of making it hard for you to leave: let you run round, measure the success of your day based on the number of signatures that you had been lucky enough to accrue on your clearance form before the cows come home. 23 rows X 4 columns of signatures!!! Okay, okay, not all of the cells have to be signed; but you get the point:

Some of the people are decent enough to wish you the best in your future efforts (just because I am tired of the word endeavor) Others, they tell you that they are there to uphold the law, like they were the police; where is your police uniform, man! That, when they should instead be serving  people which, I happen to be part of.  They are of the notion that a civil servant is the police and not the other way around. They take joy in treating each customer as a potential law-breaker, in saying no! to your every proposal, in putting road blocks instead of clearing them, in painting you as the cause of the  heated exchange that breaks out, ….

Their day’s work is the number of people that they have managed to  piss off.

The few times a month that I get the misfortune of watching Etv, it is like “so, what strange god-awful thing are we going to do to the truth tonight?” Even their logo betrays their ethos (if it can be called that):

truth beware!

I used to think they did honest reporting only in the sports segment. But from what I saw yesterday (and I am sure from tens of other examples), even that is a perfect candidate to be given the glossing of propaganda. Workinesh was instrumental in Tirunesh’s win. So they go around interviewing Tigres and Oromos, making it seem like it was the victory of biher bihereseboch coming together, and not of two Etyopian women. They just don’t seem to let us forget that we belong to these petty entities, even at one of the very few times that our joy is transcendent of our divisions. One mofo even goes so far as to say that it reminded him of the exploits of Miruts YifTer and Mohammed Kedir  at the Moscow Olympics, way back in 1980. I was not even born back then; dude may probably have been in junior high.

I bet they had the scripts prepared in the anticipation of a Kenenisa win with a Gebreegziabher assist or vice versa. I bet they were  licking their chops; wishing one of them was a Muslim. They would have suffused the news of the victory with yehaymanot and yebiher bihereseboch mechachal, all at the same time; band dingay hulet wef.

But the British’s need of the gold medal for their own political purposes proved greater in the end.


Tiki is great in and of itself; no need for taka 😀


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  1. getere
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 12:20:30

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Voltaire’s beliefs as explained by Evelyn Beatrice Hall


  2. getere
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 22:40:37

    Clearance sucks. Ye bureaucracy ena ye sinfina me’at be’and wereqet lay techemko. Forget computerisation. Each office could simply post on their door 1) best times people should visit 2) what the prerequisites for clearance are. But no, no. That wouldn’t be real work would it? Real work is when you meshewed people by having an extended coffee break (that’d take pretty much the whole afternoon). Real work is when they finally catch you to tell them “dorm kemeferemu befit eko library meferem alebet library asferimeh na”. Before saying that though, since they’ve caught you now and you can’t do real work anymore, tell them to wait and waste time chatting to your colleague about the most irrelevant topic.

    On ETV’s defence, the axe is for giving Truth a good shape 😀 Not everyone is born beautiful. “ETV. Axing the truth since 1964.”


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