Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

I think if somebody tells a lie, they’re not just a liar. I think if somebody takes something that doesn’t belong to them, they’re not just a thief. I think even if you kill someone, you’re not just a killer. And because of that there is this basic human dignity that must be respected by law. I also believe, that in many parts of this country, and certainly in many parts of this globe, that the opposite of poverty is not wealth. I don’t beleive that. I actually think in too many places, the opposite of poverty is justice.

We cannot be fully evolved human beings until we care about human rights and basic dignity. That all of our survival is tied to the survival of everyone. That our visions of technology and design and entertainment and creativity have to be married with our visions of humanity, compassion and justice.

I didn’t want this!


The picture is from my own post right here, also appearing at the very top of the google search. I commented before that blogging was a bit like being naked and I’m conscious about what I put up for the whole world to see. However, I overlooked this one. I didn’t think the picture may come up in a search result, out of its context. I don’t want to give a bad impression to outsiders about Ethiopian food.

A vote!

1. Delete the picture, leave the post.

2. Delete the whole post.

3. None of the above…

Like a boss —> Code monkey

Where have I been ?  As some of knew that I had enough people to talk , chat and nag. And hence, I didn’t have time to write, but I sometimes read what is being talk on this blog…….It is always good to see all types of life , being extremely busy with the routines like getting a phone call after mid night, five days long meetings…….at the end the meeting get over without any conclusion. 

To speak frankly, I have enjoyed it with all the hardships.  Having power to bring change is always the thing what a human being would like to ultimately achieve it. I strongly argue that it should come through practice and age. For me it was a bit early.  Leadership needs commitment, sacrifice , endurance and most importantly you have to have patience. Oh managing 160 staff, young staff! volatile ! needs too much skill, off-course if know how to do that , working with the young will lead you to an incredible result.  One thing that still surprises me is : once I sent one our staff to another part of the country for experience sharing and other duties, and after a week got a call from the same staff in the US.  oh….. DV. While I was waiting some report I get ‘kiss your ass you are not my boss anymore’ !!  Misinterpreting public talks, misunderstanding and negative & pessimist attitutes …… all should be in you.   
In short, I was singing this ……..

where am I now?  These days  i am in a place where I am gaining more of Academics/proffesional skills ……. I meet my boss 1 hour , my computer >45 hours in a week. you can imagine how to drop from that much ‘girigir’ to the silent environment.  eventhough i am happy with what served my country earlier it made me a bit away from the dynamic technology. Still striving to catchup.  

Just not to complain the weather is absolutely good to work since the rain and the cold doesn’t allow you to go out. Indeed to write on this blog too. 


I had a boring winter, but now I am enjoying the bright sun. My sweetheart wife came two months a go and she is making my life much more lovely.

I read everythings what is almost published about Agerachin……beteley  Abay

Now the song is changed to ” Code Monkey”

Abay Abay , yager lemlem yager sissay, yalegeru zemiro.

 ye nege sew yibelen!


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