So, whom/what do you turn to?

While we are on the topic of unrequited love…


Meet my bed. Check out my throw pillows; there’s tens of ways of arranging them! That’s where I lay my weary head down every night.

“ፊትን ወደነገ አዙሮ መተኛት”: ነብይ መኮንን is a favorite expression even though I have not been  practicing it. There was the rosary on the vacant pillow (or clutched in hand. i know, i know. i am supposed to pray with it, not sleep with it) phase which I still go back to, every now and then, especially on those days when it feels like the monsters are gaining on me. Recent times have seen my mobile phone occupying the same spot where the rosary used to sit, lulling me to sleep with Sheger FM.

It is not that I am having trouble sleeping. It is rather a case of going to bed being the most exciting part of the day—for better or for worse—and trying to set it off the right way.

What’s all this got to do with unrequited love?

Well, in all honesty, probably nothing. I mean, I got so much love to give and shit (my love be just sitting there, waiting, like a winter’s growth of grass on the playground of our primary school, ምሥራቅ ድል, ጨረታ ያሸነፈ ሰው መጥቶ እስኪያነሳው. ኖ ጨረታ ፎር ማይ ላቭ, ቤይbae) but there are currently no vultures lurking around in my life, at least none that I know of 🙂 But it must be nice to have someone to turn to at night, someone who would be a personification of my late night traditions, all rolled into one. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. I ain’t seen her, Lord! (A very polite exclamation mark.) If I had, she would be my way of loving you. Forget the radio, the sound of her breathing would be all the information I need, proof that the world is functioning just fine. And the few pages I used to read before bed, before it got too cold to stay exposed for even a minute, she would be my lifetime of reading.

ህመሟን የማውቅላት;  of whom the best I would bring out, only to the best I would compare… (ዘፋኞቹ የግዳቸውን የሚዘፍኑ ይመስላሉ)

Someone whom I would make cherish her day

A lot of “would”s

We be so tight with Kd in the nanomolar range that nothing or no one could come in between us except maybe some room for her vibrator. I have come to find out from my extensive reading 🙂 of The Guardian that women don’t mean their vibrators to replace their men but to augment them, like augmentin. Cool.

This also from the Guardian; even after somebody had commented on the mistake, the “Aramaic” was still there last time I checked.


Back to the topic at hand. The world is crazy. Something wrong with the human race. A whole lot of people running towards love. A whole lot of others running away.

Fuck it, I’m out.


I had missed out on these cats all this time

okay universe here I am

Open up your eyes and look says the universe, our time is short and I am yours, you just need to take a chance and enjoy it all, do you hear me talking to you across the water, across the deep blue ocean? the universe keeps on asking. I close my eyes and sail through the sea and travel across the turning tides, that is what I have always wanted, feeling the breeze of the silently blowing wind, watching the night sky and the beautiful sunrise: a line of beautiful lights over the horizon and them old stars, and this old soul of mine refuses to give up even though my heart is broken into pieces by a vulture, but no I will not give up, I am here to stay and make the difference that I can make. The universe says you have to learn how to bend with out the world caving in. I will give the world my love and I shall receive what I seek.

Love is a funny thing, when you love someone, you heart beats beats so loud. your feet can feel the ground, when you love someone it comes back to you, makes your blood flow with energy, says the song writer, I am afraid I have to disagree Jason Mraz, it hurts in a million ways too, Life is wonderful and it runs in circle, cause and effect is how science describes it. It doesn’t take time to fall in love but it takes years to know what love is: the universe answers. It takes a silence to make a sound, this I agree with. So many questions have been creeping in my mind, it is starting to feel like the world is saying I am not welcome any more and I needed the vulture to save me, instead he chose the vow of silence, I don’t wish to change you, you have it under control: you wake up every day different,

But the universe kept on saying, I am yours and I decided, I will not waste my days, to worry about the things I should just let go. I will live in the moment, live my life, lazy and breezy with peace in my heart and my soul, let go of the thoughts that don’t make me strong: this I decided after so much prayer. I want to be a beautiful mess to you, I am saying I love you and I am hearing I love you back and I am smiling back better than ever and I will give you all my broken heartbeats.

'Et tu, Brute? ...You asshole!'



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