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gilgel gibe

Photo taking more space than the news. ጠላቷ ይሙትና የአርባ ካርድ አስመሰሉት እኮ! 🙂

addis electric

Same newspaper, four days later. Better content this time. And yet, I can’t help but think that someone over at the newsroom (or me?) might be overly fond of her and/or is finding it hard to look beyond her womanhood. I am willing to bet (though that is not among my strong suits; I mean, I bet against the guys seen below 😦 ), that the picture was not even taken at the day of the meeting. And if it was, couldn’t they have posted her a picture of her leading the deliberations and stuff? This pic looks like the ones  ፎቶ ቤቶች ከውጭ መስታወታቸው ላይ ለናሙና የሚለጥፉዋቸው:: Is that an i watch she’s rocking? 🙂


I like this photo. They all be like “show me my opponent.” I have a good mind to adopt the double-denim as a permanent dress code sometime in the future.


…Graphomania is not a mania to write letters, personal diaries, or family chronicles (to write for oneself or one’s close relations) but a mania to write books (to have a public of unknown readers)… Graphomania (a mania for writing books) inevitably takes on epidemic proportions when a society develops to the point of creating three basic conditions:
(1) an elevated level of general well-being, which allows people to devote themselves to useless activities; (2) a high degree of social atomization and, as a consequence, a general isolation of individuals; (3) the absence of dramatic social changes in the nation’s internal life.(From this point of view, it seems to me symptomatic that in France, where practically nothing happens, the percentage of writers is twenty-one times higher than in Israel. Bibi is, moreover, right to say that looked at from the outside, she hasn’t experienced anything. The mainspring that drives her to write is just that absence of vital content, that void.) But by a backlash, the effect affects the cause.  General isolation breeds graphomania, and generalized graphomania in turn intensifies and worsens isolation. The invention of printing formerly enabled people to understand one another. In the era of universal graphomania, the writing of books has an opposite meaning: everyone surrounded by his own words as by a wall of mirrors, which allows no voice to filter through from outside.

Book of Laughter and Forgetting, Milan Kundera



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  1. geTere
    Jun 14, 2015 @ 10:41:55

    nice, nice, 😀 and who are they?


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