Wosene’s hand writing

Am I living in a dungeon? Just last month I talked about my excitement when I discovered Meklit. My latest discovery is Wosene Worke, a US based Ethiopian artist who makes art out of Ge’ez letters.

Wosene Worke 2

If you like Mulatu Astatke, you may have noticed the album cover on his Inspiration Information album. The cover is beautiful, its Ethiopian, and goes very well with what jazz music is about. The perfect cover!


Here is one painting from Wosene’s current exhibition “Word Play: Future Tense”.

Wosene Worke

By the way, those seemingly random letters are parts of words and sentences. I didn’t pay attention to it myself until Wosene spelled it out for me. I leave it as an exercice to you 🙂

Thanks to the Gallary of African Art (GAFRA) for exhibiting his work. In fact, GAFRA first opened (a year or two ago) with Wosene’s paintings. There are many other prominent African artists on their website.

Not all great paintings are unaffordable. I leave you with the one below. Its painted on sheep leather. I forget the artist’s name but I will try to find out next time I catch up with a friend who brought it.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 20:07:46

    what did you do to deserve living in a dungeon?

    here’s hoping they let you out the dungeon more frequently. interesting art.


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