The year of the (vicious ass) koala bear


Walter White style; well, kind of.

መቼም  አገሬው ሰው አክባሪ ነው. Never had my birthday be a public holiday 🙂 Yesterday I was telling my roommate that I won’t be able to go to school since the buses don’t run for the holiday and he offered to give me a ride. Talk about trying to spoil it for me; and I told him as much. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I am reading this book:

surely you're joking

An interesting person. In addition to his scientific career (including the Manhattan project) that won him a Nobel, he talks about his exploits in areas such as safecracking, playing in a samba band, picking up ladies,… Especially the chapter on how learning needs to be done not by rote but understanding struck home. He also mentions how students that ask equations are discouraged by other students. These stories were from the Brazil of decades ago but I know that they still ring true in today’s Ethiopian educational system. Something for me to keep in mind as a student and teacher. An excerpt:

Finally, I said that I couldn’t see how anyone could be educated by this self-propagating system in which people pass exams and teach others to pass exams, but nobody knows anything.

Speaking of exams ማትሪክ ተሰረቀ/ዘ አይደል?! እኛ ስንወጣ አገሪቱ ተበላሸች እኮ?!!

This past week has been particularly shitty for some animals that live in enclosures. And especially Harambe: it has to suck, dying the day after your 17th birthday. I was going to say a black gorilla stood no chance but get shot (silverback regardless) and it would not have went down the way it did had it been a polar bear, then I see a picture of the black parents of the kid.

I believe the times call for this video. That’s where the vicious ass koala bear comes from J

Maybe I am trying to talk about the enclosures that I have built around myself.

A quote from Sheldon:

Although I can be faulted for being overly fond of koala bears. I don’t know what it is; when they start munching on eucalyptus, I just melt inside.

I’m quoting too many physicists for my liking.

A koala bear helped me celebrate the day:


This also happens to be the time of year when teams I support get to lose the Champions League Final 😦 ለነገሩ እነሱ በተራገጡት እኔ ምን አገባኝ?! አርፌ ፓስታዬን ብበላ ይሻላል:


Now that you have learned that I have three sets of plates, I think my job here is done.



In a reflective (አንፀባራቂJ) mood. Why not, right? ድፎ ዳቦ ጀርባችን ላይ ሲቆረስ (I know what someone must be thinking 😛 ), how as a child I used to fantasize about living in the simple ጎጆ I used to draw,…


Some Nas




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