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The Dance ( by Jeff Foster)

We never rehearsed this

We are a mess

We tremble and Perspire

We step on eachother’s toes

Sometimes we go out of tune

And forget our lines

But at least this is real

At least we are not half-alive

Buried under the weight of some image

We never believed in anyway

I will always take the imperfect dance

Over no dance at all


In dealing with existential bummer, I sought that illusive thing called happiness. Then I started to think : am I always going to just want more? Why am I not happy with what is in front of me. Dreams that were never fillfulled, unrequited love, and the scary part is the getting old part without living life part.

I believe it was hafiz that said ” ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” Have I been running in the opposite direction all my life? I believe I have because I never stopped to think that no one controles my happiness but me. I forgot to be thankful for today.  Jeff foster puts it well I guess ” no external thing, no person, no experience, no substance , no circumstance, no revelation, no single experience ever has the power to make you permanently happy, you discover a deeper invitation: to realize that nothing, the no-thing that you are, is the source of true happiness, and that every experience holds the key .”

Now I got to learn to let  go of things and enjoy this journey and be present for each experience.





cellulose, polyester, and ጊዜ

Wrong place, wrong time.




The writings on the napkin. The experiments did not work, by the way 😀 It felt kind of nice to see someone keeping a couple of other napkins (the way I have not parted with notes given to me on scratches of paper lo00ng ago)  with my scribbling –I done came up!pioneers of change

Read this book. An excerpt:

This left him in a state of ambivalence. Should he not concentrate on improving his own personal life rather than battling the insurmountable odds against national reform? On the other hand, which single passenger can feel safe sitting in a ship being tossed around by a storm?

What if the passenger is feeling confident that they could secure a place in one of the life boats?

the emperor of all maladies

On to the next one

manchester united

አንዳንድ ፊታቸው እንዲገለጥ ያልፈለጉ የማንችስተር ደጋፊዎች:: Bless you, E.


I and I, Walya style.

A fellow students asks me if this is my first summer here. ኧረ ልቾ! የዛሬ ሁለት ዓመት አብረን አይደል እንዴ የገባነው?! He goes on to comment how time flies…

You know, we have to put this debate to rest once and for all. Does time really fly, or is it that we are living slow? “You know, they say I talk a lil’ fast, but if you listen a lil’ faster
I ain’t got to slow down for you to catch up, bitch” – 5o cent.

All those physicists and I wonder why it never appeared to anyone to do this simple experiment. I mean, it does not need a Large Hydron Collider; not even a Small one. No need for an Einsteinometer or any other shit of that sort. All one needs is a cliff:



የሮብ ድባብ



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