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ካለፈው የተረፈ

  • የጎረቤቶቼ ጾታዊ ተራክቦ ድምፅም እንደሚናፍቀኝ ይጠበቃል:: The noise the guy used to make after whatever recreational drug –not so much.
  • Some of the stuff left behind by roommates:


Leaving it where it’s currently at is part of the roommate retention plan: “the place comes with crutches አያድርሰውና….”

drying sheets

One is reminded of one’s mom’s perfume. One wishes one were there to hug her on the morning of a holiday. In the short term, can hardly wait to use it one’s clothes.

  • I was surprised that Last Weekend Tonight and the Daily Show would use the same jokes that I had in mind Orange man wanting to put his Veep on domestic and foreign affairs; and the US winning the first gold medal of the Olympics, for shooting. የሕግ ያለህ! Plagiarism 🙂
  • A real case of plagiarism: one girl copied verbatim the “About me” part of my dating site profile. One of the different ways a person could like another person’s profile, I guess…The breach of etiquette was brought to my attention by a fellow prowler around said site.
  • It was comforting to hear a seasoned teacher admit that they get nervous before every new class
  • Modes of existence:


  • I read two of አለማየሁ ገላጋይ’s books. I must say I have not enjoyed the great lengths the protagonist goes to ridicule the physical appearances of at least one character per book.
  • Although I’ve not been making strides into uncharted scientific territory, as much as I am supposed to, it was exciting to discover that ጌታያውቃል ግርማይ is the son of ሻለቃ ግርማይ ሃድጎ -songwriter to your favorite ጥላሁን song.
  • I believe Bethlehem Tilahun is a phenomenal woman. I also believe that she would inspire hundreds, if not thousands of Etyopian women. Silly observation: her name is like Bethlehem Wolde and Kalkidan Tilahun exchanging last names.
  • Ain’t nothing like a Saturday afternoon nap, facing the sunlight coming through the window blinds:


  • A fellow student from a third world country was telling me how outsiders used to be amazed about how peaceful the cities were even after dark, no robberies and stuff. The real reason, she explained, was that the sole rights and responsibilities for ሌብነት lay with the then dictator. Now, I may be straining the equivalence a bit. But I think it’s the same way that there rarely have been mass shootings committed by ordinary Etyopians. The government has always been responsible for that.
  • Caught some part of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in a Brazilian café. Their Bauru was a generous portion and ingredients so diverse as behooves a country that boasts the Amazon. And a Chinese place serves በጣም አሪፍ chicken በማረቆ በርበሬ ተከቦ:

First time I had the dish, I did the mistake of eating an approx 1:1 ratio of chicken:በርበሬ :: Next morning was so rough, that I was tempted to try the physically impossible (I wonder if it would be metaphysically possible) and blow on my ass. Second time, I did not learn from my past mistake -was even worse. ለምለሚቱ አገራችን, ኮስታራው ምግባችን,… ወዘተ are facing serious competition. My ass was humbled. በሌላ በኩል quinoa ain’t got shit on ቅንጬ ::



የዘፈን ምርጫ:: መጻፍ የከበደ ለታ:: ለነገሩ አንዳንድ ሃሳቦች አሉ…

The customary Aster

And this



friends and shit

I’m sitting home alone; it’s just me and the bull (shit.)

vina fuerte I’m occupying a four person apartment until new roommates are assigned. Below are the assortment of thoughts that are going thru my head this the eve of the second year since I left home.

  • I reserve the right to enjoy the newly-created space and order while at the same time kind of missing dearly moved out roommates. And I am not saying that because I now have to buy my own can opener; because I have to find a means of watching Bill Maher online now that the TV is gone. One of them, I exchanged the same four lines of pleasantries with, day in, day out. Other dude was just like me one of the founding fathers of this here place. He came through for me on several occasions. A far cry from another founding father whom I fell out with and who estimated that it would take only about 10 seconds to kill me.
  • Dude who sort of explored the feasibility of killing me hails from the same place as this friend from school. I dare say my only friend from school. A really nice guy. መቼም የእናት ሆድ ዥንጉርጉር አይደል የሚባለው?! He is helluva smart too. Always willing to help when I’m struggling in the lab. Watched a few games together. Dined together a few times. Aw, shit. It almost sounds like…  Seems has got a decent business acumen. He loves solving problems. He sees one and next thing you know, he may be in front of the nearest chalkboard, scribbling a simple algorithm for the solution. He really deserves all the best that’s coming his way.
  • Now, when we started this drinking thing, the plan was to finish a bottle of wine every month. But now I fear that I may have developed a bit of a resistance. አንድ ብርጭቆ እንደበፊቱ አላሰማ እያለኝ ነው:: At first I had thought that it probably was due to the oxidation of ethanol to acetic acid (አቼቶ.) ሰላጣ ከመብላት የሰከረ ሰው ደግሞ ተሰምቶ አይታወቅም:: But red wine is supposed to thrive at room temp, within reason. White wine likes to chill; that’s why it seems I won’t be after all drinking from this bottle:


Point is, like the good experimenter that I am, I tested a glass of white/red that sat out for too long and a glass of fresh red (not all at the same time 🙂 ) They were all poorly inebriating. Recommendation: up the dose. From humble beginnings; sky is the limit.

how to read the air

Liked the story; and the final paragraph. There was also this one part which I will post as soon as it comes back to me 🙂

  • አንድ ሰሞን ከአለቃዬ ጋር ሁለታችንም ፊኛችንን ልናቃልል ሰንሄድ እንገጣጠም ነበር:: I don’t know if it could be called the male equivalent of synchronized periods. It was almost like we had developed this special rapport that could only bode well for my work. ከዛ ግን ቀረ::
  • እዛው ሽንት ቤት ውስጥ… I am at one of the two urinals and another person had went to the stall. Then he does a swift 180 and gets the hell out of the place. I walk over to investigate -አንበሳ, ዘንዶ,… አይቶ ይሆን? ዘራፍ! Turns out it was actually a ዘንዶ:: አንድ ማንንቱ ያልታወቀ ግለሰብ ዘብልሎት ሔዷል:: አዬ ያንዳንድ ሰው ነገር! ኩራት መሆኑ ነው? Like, look at my output?


Take it away, Sami and Astu.


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