stir it down


Stir bars rest, knackered

Fetal position but

They are happy



ነጻ ምግብ, ቆሻሻ ልብስ, …



The joys of free food from ማኔጅመንት ኢንስቲትዩት (ባህር ዳር) to የመፒ ስልጠናዎች (ጥቁር አንበሳ) to the neuroscience conference. This time we even were too busy doing our thing to attend the thing. የምግብ ሰዓት ሲደርስ ግን አይናችንን በጨው አጥበን ሄድን:: ነጻ ምግብ እንዳለ ጥቆማ ያደረሰን ወዳጃችን ሽንቱ ይለምልም! 🙂


When one realizes that one kind of dressed like shit

taxGood mail to come home to

20160910_225937This has to be ፈረሰኛ , right?




A day in the life

የዛሬ ዓመት አገሬ ከቤተሰቤ ጋር ነበርኩ:: ዛሬ ደግሞ ማንችስተር ዩናይትድ የተባለ ሸቃባ ሲሸነፍ ለማየት በጠዋት ተነሳሁ:: Got home from school at around 9:30 PM. የዛሬ ዓመት ያመጣሁትን ዶሮ በላሁ Interesting things happened to me during the day like E. coli splashing on my clothes and some even finding their way into my mouth (“along with some PMSF?!” –a realization that would come much later on). የሆነ ማሽን ማበላሸት አለማበላሸቴን እግዜር ይወቅ; I followed the operating instructions to a tee. I got to do only half of what I had planned for the day but still managed to run short of time and cancel my regularly scheduled workout; managed not to grade the exam papers, not to load the dishwasher. Tomorrow promises to be just as busy.

All this and yet, I feel like (know) that I’m not doing enough; I’m not thanking enough.

አዲሱን ዓመት የሰላም, የፍቅር እና የፍትህ ያርግልን, ወደተሻለች አገር ተመልሰን እንግባ ልል አልኩና opportunism እና ሌሎች ismኦች incitation እና ሌሎች ionኦች ይሆንብኛል ብዬ ሰግቼ ተውኩት::



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