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Accuracy Precision Friday


Battle of the bands. In a perfect world.

battle of the bands

When that hot beat drops in the lab

Crips and bloods

bloods and crips

How time flies! That time of the year has come around again, when we would get that dopest of free foods. In a perfect example of “give them an inch, they would take a mile”, this time we have also decided to investigate if the cool t-shirts that we had seen stacked up were up for grabs as well. I would be remiss if I didn’t state here that I have been harboring positive thoughts 😉 towards the girl who is womaning the table where the t-shirts be at. Wouldn’t hurt to check out both girl and t-sh…

We would soon learn that they are part of a fundraiser and cost 15 dollars. I’m all for the advancement of science and shit but 15 dollars!? Now we’re all sheepish and shit. Now we’re looking for ways to save face. I tell her the t-shirts are probably going to be too big for me. Lame! She pulls out a smaller size. Think! I activate the Gurage within, ask her “Do you see (‘envision’ would have been a better choice here 🙂 ) the prices going down anytime soon?” መቼም በልቧ “ይሄ ደግሞ የማነው ቆንቋና?!” ሳትለኝ አትቀርም:: አንድ ጊዜ የካልሲ ዋጋ ቀንስልኝ ስለው ሙድ እንደያዘብኝ ባለቡቲክ:: ግን የካልሲ ዋጋ መከራከር ነውር ነው እንዴ 😕

But I guess it is not good look to try to haggle at fundraisers.



grad school humor



when it’s the end of the day, and da protein has been chillin’ in dat dialysis buffer #1 fo a while, and you gots to make the bus:

change buffers

spitting game in the hallways like “girl, imma bring you mad ice!”




our own buffer






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