Mishmash for እንቁጣጣሽ

Like I always do when there be a bunch of stuff swarming in my head with very little semblance of order or choerence -here’s another installment:

  • Me,  commenting to my mother on how my brother’s turning fifty is a big achievement, a milestone for the family. Her response: አንተም ምንም ሳታደርግ ይሄው አርባ ሊሞላህ ነው:: That was cold.
  • A person, commenting on my slow speech: infinity lies between the beginning and the end of your sentence. I will take that as a compliment.
  • Errata: Turns out dude from here is not really gay. But I refuse to regret the inaccurate information because 1. I believe that it made for a damn good post, if I may say so myself  and  2.This one time he had come to the lab, asking if I could break down the lyrics from the Lion King for him. Mofo! Just because I’m from Africa… You make assumptions about which languages I understand, only fair, making assumptions about your sexuality.
  • The Lion King used to be dope when it would come የልጆች ጊዜ ላይ back in the days. Acapulco Bay would follow right after. Funny, how we used to be equally excited for both.
  • Maybe there was Premier League after that. የሰይጣን ጆሮ አይስማና የማንቼስተር የዘንድሮው አያያዝ ሸጋ ነው::
  • Been getting rainbows on my gels. Is the universe perchance trying to tell me something about my sexuality? Or does it simply mean that I’ve to improve my experimental methods?


  • Words and expressions used by Abdu Ali Hijira: ውዥቀት ፤ ትናጋው ያንተ አይደለም ፤ ማንቁርቱ ያንተ አይደለም
  • How did it come to this, that I only make my bed once a week?
  • Two of my closest friends have crossed over to the other side. They are not dead though. Part of me is fanning itself  and getting all emotional for them. The other part is going ልቾ for leaving me behind.
  • Seriously though, I ain’t worried. The specter of moving back to my old home like ባዲስ መልኩ ተመልሰናል don’t faze me.
  • Real talk, I’m a bit worried about how much progress I’m making on the personal and professional fronts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m immensely better (than I used to be). It’s just that I’m not yet good. Attempts at further betterment, like reading papers, fail miserably for such reasons as me getting unproductively fascinated by the titles of the articles, and directing my gaze off of the paper and onto the wall and starting to contemplate how best to blog about that shit:

interesting titles of articles

  • Actual reading of the paper would then be of secondary, tertiary or sometimes, quaternary importance.
  • Our PI is the coolest. I admire how patient he is with us and our mistakes. There are times when I feel like that I’m one fuckup away from another fuckup. I also admire his smarts and hard work and like his sense of humor. #thingstoaspireto
  • አዲስ ወይን ሲቀዳ የተለየ ድምፅ ሚሰጠው ለምን ይሆን? What’s the mechanics? I’ve been meaning to Google it but never got around to doing that. The way I never succeeded in looking up what the hell Snapchat was. Google and I be tight. In fact, it just may be the one who knows me best, next to ፈጣሪ:: But sometimes, one gets too lazy to do simple searches. And at other times, one wonders if it’s a wise idea spilling one’s guts to Google (the way I’m doing on this post). I mean, ሞኝና ጉግል የያዘውን አይለቅም::
  • I’m borderline millennial. Despite that, or maybe because of that, I am going toe-to-toe blow-for-blow like whoa! with my niece in the emoji/sticker/GIF/hashtag game. There be mishaps though. Like the time I sent her this, mistaking it for a washing machine:

safety first

  • She didn’t shed a tear when she came here. Really?!  🙄
  • This is my side employment. I don’t get paid for it. In fact, I’m in constant peril of getting fired. Have already been fired once.
  • OG’s and youngish cats. Heed the advice of the former, and compare the latter to Ambitionz az a Ridah® (just like a brand of detergent).
  • I’ve this presentation coming up where I’ll have to use the word “ensemble” more than a few times. Maybe “model” to0. From ሞዴሊስት→ሞዴል→ማድል. ኢንሴምብሌ→ኤንሰምብል→እንሶምብል→ኦንሶምብል→… ፋክ ኢት, ሰምበሌጥ

  • I am on the phone with customer service, have spelled out my first name, but run out of the energy to go thru the necessary Tom’s, India’s, Apples and Elephants to do the same with my last name.
  • Pretty neat stuff from “Guns, Germs and Steel”. There are good mentions of Etyopia too.



  • And from “The Sympathizer”

the sympathizer

  • One day my roommate comes in from outside and I do the usual “Hey! How’s it going?” ከዛ ከላይ እስከታች ሽንኩርት የሚልጥ ግልምጫ ችሮኝ ወደክፍሉ ወጣ:: ከዛ I wrack my brain, trying to divine what the fuck was wrong with him. Did I say something offensive in my sleep? Sometimes after dinner I kick it in the living room: put my feet on the Ottoman (wait, is that politically correct?), open a book, and invariably fall asleep after reading a few pages. At any rate, there was a period of መዘጋጋት followed by a thawing of relationships, where he would get all chummy and I would act all proud. ይሄን ሁለት ቀን ደግሞ መልሶ ሳይነሳበት አልቀረም::
  • “Wait, did I put that other thing with the Amazon Returns?!” Later I’d find out that that other thing had not come in the first place. The mechanics of how I could conjure up a non-existent entity, put it in a box and mail it for good measure…the mind boggles.
  • Nina Simone recognizes that the liver is the Makelele of the body. The biochemist in me appreciates her even more for that.
  • Am I alone in thinking Lizz Wright’s singing voice is incongruent with her talking voice?


  • Had to pay 75 bucks to get my eyes checked. Was vindicated when the doctor told me that I had the whole gamut: astigmatism, long and short sight (like a striker who bangs in the goals with their head, right and left foot); and when I had to spend even more money on new, more powerful glasses.
  • Sometimes I get all out of sorts and shake my fist at a bottle of 4N NaOH: “Fuck you!”
  • Had I possessed a crooning voice, had I had the requisite ማንቁርት I would have done a cover of DMX’s verse from Money Power Respect. An example.
  • What had stood out for me from this picture is the way the girl is standing on የጊዮርጊስ ሳጥን when she should have been on the ኮካ one. Because she’s got the coke bottle thing going on with that behind. And real nice behinds tend to affect online traffic flow as they do real life traffic. This post has been getting a lot of hits. Bravo, by the way to the መጠጥ ቤት in the background, for making sure that people on the other side of the street would be able to cross the water to get to the water.

neighborhood watch

That’s all folks!


መልካም አዲስ ዓመት!



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  1. geTere
    Sep 07, 2017 @ 04:29:34

    በጣም ኮልድ። ፅናቱን ይስጥህ። አለመሞታችንን በመጥቀህ አመሰግናለሁ። አዲስ ነገር የለም ሁሉም ያው ነው። ስእሉ ደስ ይላል። ሌላው የምትወዛገበውን ነገር ስራህ ያውጣህ።


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