Intentions to write (How’s)

I mean to write. Write how the anticipation before travel is the best part; how the search for a good book is sometimes more fulfilling than the actual reading; how the same probably applies to man and woman affairs; how trying to call Ethiopia almost always makes me angry, fucking network, on top of monotonous conversations; the advice that the guy from Calculating God left for his son; how I am typing this 1/6th asleep; how አንዳንዴ ብዙ ጊዜ ድካሙን ላዬ ላይ አምጥቶ እንደሚችልስብኝ; how I had wanted to write this post in Amharic; how, after time wasted on scoffing at today’s rap, I am finally starting to warm to it; how Childish Gambino giving a shout out to Viber on 3005 could mean that the song was about an Ethiopian girl; 3005, hello! Maybe he thinks our calendar goes that far ahead; how stressful dates could make you bite your tongue in weird places, how trying to make her laugh was like a chore, but hey, you managed to make at least one of the seven chaperones laugh; how you try to justify lonely nights like “sleep is like my refuge, my go-to-state, where I become myself, where I let it all go, let it hang all out, where I get to dream. I am not sure if I’m ready to be sharing it with someone else”; how,  in a taxi in Addis Ababa on my last trip, I got to thinking “is this what I will be returning to?”; how, on the other hand, the spark that I used to get when I used to think of America, is now induced by thoughts of my future life in Ethiopia; how my new hair cut is growing on me; how, on the plane, I hope to sit next to a girl with whom I could hold silly deep conversations, instead of the huge west African dude clad in a red leather jacket; how I must remember to not let the wine pass me by and also, not forget to close the door of the lavatory…

Now I’m half asleep

ለማንኛውም አገሬ ልሄድ ነው



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