Things that give me hope. Things that fuck me up. And all that lies in between.

  • As was the case in Bahir Dar, third time still seems to be the charm as far as getting a modicum of satisfaction in my teaching goes. Granted, there are times when it seems like I am talking to at a gathering of people who must be going “Please God, make him shut up! Please stop this madness!”. And other times, disorganization, precipitated by –believe it or not- overpreparation, reigns supreme …..
  • Learned from the periodic table in the classroom that Ti-22 = Titanium. First two letters of my name, my birthdate! ጥቤ ታይቴንየም!! አቦ ይመቸኝ!! “እስቲ አርፈህ እነዚህ እውቀት የተጠሙ ልጆች አስተምር!”
  • የሆነ አብሮን የሚሰራ ልጅን “ምነው ወዳጄ? ምነው ከሳህ?!”,complete with a worried facial expression ልለው ፈልጌ እንግሊዝኛው ጠፋኝ:: “Have you lost weight?” ደግሞ compliment ይመስላል::
  • From Requiem for a Dream: Don’t never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. GeTere, I know you’ve seen the movie. So no spoilers please.
  • Hung is a pretty good series 🙂

  • Conversation with fellow African (about the infamous የአይነምድር ጉድጓድ comment) provided me with an outsider’s view of how our point-of-pride, i.e., “never colonized”, could be regarded by others as proof that colonialism cannot be blamed for all of Africa’s problems. And two non-Africans tried to point out how the Italians were light-weight and the reason the Germany lost WWII because they went to Africa to do the job the Italians couldn’t take care of. I took offense and tried to defend the Italians: “They were no joke! We know!”… I guess what I am trying to say is, not everyone values our shit like we do and is in awe of the adversary that we had to overcome in order to achieve that shit.
  • Thought about writing a poem that went like:

Change gon come but if it doesn’t


That’s all I have got so far.




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The latest additions to the team:







Discovered plum = እንኮይ. So, …. in celebration of this new found  knowledge:


P.s. But is plum really እንኮይ?


lofty thoughts. el manifesto.

Shameless recycling. Just because it still is so relevant.


One prays for strength in times of weakness and humility in those of strength. One hopes to wear his troubles well, like a big tree in heavy wind. In his big tree role, one would shield smaller, less graceful ones from being uprooted by said wind. One would never consider others to be of a lesser status than him. One would never defend his God; he would always defend other people whomever their God because that’s what his God would want him to do. One would spend his life going after that spark of happiness –the one that comes out of nowhere, no rhyme or reason, warms his heart and is gone in a matter of seconds. Kind of reminds one of the time when him and his siblings would, in their bid to bring the ailing Nokia TV (yes, their first encounter with the brand came not in the…

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