Discovered plum = እንኮይ. So, …. in celebration of this new found  knowledge:


P.s. But is plum really እንኮይ?


Intentions to write (How’s)

I mean to write. Write how the anticipation before travel is the best part; how the search for a good book is sometimes more fulfilling than the actual reading; how the same probably applies to man and woman affairs; how trying to call Ethiopia almost always makes me angry, fucking network, on top of monotonous conversations; the advice that the guy from Calculating God left for his son; how I am typing this 1/6th asleep; how አንዳንዴ ብዙ ጊዜ ድካሙን ላዬ ላይ አምጥቶ እንደሚችልስብኝ; how I had wanted to write this post in Amharic; how, after time wasted on scoffing at today’s rap, I am finally starting to warm to it; how Childish Gambino giving a shout out to Viber on 3005 could mean that the song was about an Ethiopian girl; 3005, hello! Maybe he thinks our calendar goes that far ahead; how stressful dates could make you bite your tongue in weird places, how trying to make her laugh was like a chore, but hey, you managed to make at least one of the seven chaperones laugh; how you try to justify lonely nights like “sleep is like my refuge, my go-to-state, where I become myself, where I let it all go, let it hang all out, where I get to dream. I am not sure if I’m ready to be sharing it with someone else”; how,  in a taxi in Addis Ababa on my last trip, I got to thinking “is this what I will be returning to?”; how, on the other hand, the spark that I used to get when I used to think of America, is now induced by thoughts of my future life in Ethiopia; how my new hair cut is growing on me; how, on the plane, I hope to sit next to a girl with whom I could hold silly deep conversations, instead of the huge west African dude clad in a red leather jacket; how I must remember to not let the wine pass me by and also, not forget to close the door of the lavatory…

Now I’m half asleep

ለማንኛውም አገሬ ልሄድ ነው




shit keeps changing. and staying the same.

Enzymes make shit happen when they bind to their substrate molecules. That’s what makes life as we know it possible. Our professor told us that the paradigm for enzyme-substrate binding has in recent years been shifting back to the lock and key model. This came as quite a shock for a couple of reasons. First, the induced fit model had held sway for a long time, seemed more reasonable, and it was what I’d taught hundreds of impressionable Etyopian kids. And second, induced fit had served me well for so long as a metaphor for the kind of complementarity I aspire to in a relationship -life partners changing each other for a better fit.

Frigging science has now ruined my metaphor by implying that complementarity is kind of perfect from the outset. I may have to fall back on good old ተረትና ምሳሌ -ቶፋ ግጣሙን አያጣም:: As could be sensed from the ተረትና ምሳሌ there probably is no need for active participation on the ቶፋ’s part. It wouldn’t be going around looking for no ግጣም:: It would just be chilling, and someone or something somehow would put the ግጣም on it. And that, sounds to me, like a sound plan for finding love in this cold cold world (in the meantime, we keep breaking records for the hottest year on record): just laying in the cut, አርፎ ትምህርት መማር, until, one day, ዘሪቱ አንድ ጊዜ እንዳለችው “…ቁጭ ባልኩበት ፍቅር መጥቶ ኳ!…“ እስኪያደርገኝ ድረስ::

እስከዚያው ግን I got Paris over my bench:


እና አሪፍ ዘፈኖች:



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