Crappy attempts at poetry

Inspiration for this page came from a recent happening. The verses of an obscure poet were picked up on by the most powerful person on the planet (other superlatives may also have applied here.)

Sweet Defeat (Nov 2011)

Conquer me I beg of you

Thrash me

Till I’m black and blue

But stubborn

You’d rather wait

Till black turns blue

So I wait

From disinterested heights

The moon and the stars

For witnesses

Won’t pine for you

Thus I will catch you


And you shall defeat me

I go far away

Will not bother you

Return, find myself

It’s like I never left

You, still unmoved

I wait

Alone in the entire world

Oh boisterous cricket

Where art thou?!


Man-made beasts

Are all I hear

(with legally-asleep handlers)

You refuse

Now I apologize

For all the times

I tried to beat you

For I don’t know better

But please

For this one time

To overpower me I need you

For whom else can I trust to deal

So thorough a blow?

Take pity on me

I am yours for the taking

Body and soul

Like that Billie Holiday song

Don’t hold your breath

Like I’ve held mine

To creep up on you

When you see me exposed

The many sides



How to get through to you

Or the other way round

Time passes

I mourn the losses

The losses that could have been

So refractory an enemy

A friend

Who worse than you

To snub a sacrifice laid?

A sacrifice which pleads

“Receive me now

Take me into your arms”

Thus to re-offer itself tomorrow


Where does love go?(March 2013)

The thousand aching fingers of love,

my love, come out jagged, imperfect

Letting go, being distant

Don’t trust it!

Count it a strange way of hanging on

Preserving what I hold most dear

Trust my love is there,


I have felt it pushing

Kicking and screaming

Held back by a weak creature

For all its might

Life’s just too short

For love to be free

So this, a plan born of giving up

The paradigm shift

Better off on its own, should I go first

I pray my love would be the blanket that keeps you warm

When people bound by duty peel off

And, dread that day, if my gaze is lowered

My eyes to never see the same again

When all and sundry is off to and back from

their jaunt to reachable heights

(will we ever learn?! for whom the bell tolls. et cetra et cetra)

I don’t ask much

Let my love be just a few proud feathers

Adorning the blessed wings you soar on

Lord knows, I bear witness, you are worth

A million feathers and more


To the devil (October 2012)

The fire  you meant for me became

The fortress that kept you out

The harder you pushed, the firmer I stood

Tears out to drown me helped me see

Clearer now I don’t need a rainy day

To cherish the sun, to wear my life

Sans weariness

Treat your assignments with indolence

Submit, never 


I carries like Atlas (April 2012)

Damn you!

Damn you to hell!

For you lowered my sky

I was doing fine just by myself

Setting my limits

Carrying my sky

An arm’s length

Above my head

And then you came

You hit me where it hurt

I went down

Took my sky with me

So small on my feet

Hit the ground

A big sorry bundle

Of silently screaming why oh why

(Pause for effect; picture me silently screaming, will ya!)

Took it up with the real sky

Calm as you like

Smug in its clarity

Began to impart said clarity

On dumb one

“Remember this morning,

When you brought down

Someone else’s sky?”

De pronto it hit me

For the second time

In seventeen lines

This time, the stupid thing I’ve done

Oh snap!

Sure I knew that Karma was a bitch

But this swift, damn!

Yo, but that was different

(I am cool with the sky like dat)

I was just telling the kid

What I thought was right for the kid

Yeah right!

The road to hell is paved with…

Wait a minute!

You use that up there too?!

I thought only us mortals…

I guess then it must be true

I mean

You must have seen hell first hand

Is it really like…

Just shut up and listen!

Word to the wise

Or the fool in this case

Next time, leave your sky be

Set your hands free

And fly


Mithat, asmat -you best believe the hype (May 2012)

magic you don’t believe in

I ask you then, how come

when there is distance in between

I ebb, am unwholesome

and when you are near

no wand

just a hand, a touch

I, as the world knows me

as you made me


no abracadabra either

my name through your lips

with all the petals of my being

towards you, my sun, I blossom

crystal balls

what need do you have for them ?!

the future lies in your eyes

my reflection in them

is the best person I have ever been

ever will be

they are twice the affirmation

twice the promise

screw magic carpets!

I know

your feet carry thoughts of me

everywhere that you go

so, next time you walk around

on God’s green earth

blissfully ignorant of your powers

you feel ordinary

just remember this

if it were the 17th century

they would have burned you alive

you’ve been put on earth

to prove yourself wrong

I salute my unassuming teacher

now we are a couple of sorcerers

and then I wake up


The back ( September 2011)

for fuck sakes man

get behind yourself!

awwwww shit

I got hit again!

same bullet

different shooter

then again methinks it

was the same shooter

good grief

aren’t I a big enough

shield for myself

when life draws on its arsenal

why can’t I draw on life?

what’s the point in living

if one can’t get one’s own back?

leave many selfs behind

to illuminate

the apparent dark

why do I keep falling in

the same hole


why can’t I be bigger than my hole

or sidestep it at the very least?

why do I keep getting smaller?

why do I catch a momentary wave

try to stay on it forever?

why can’t I learn?

why do I yearn, and yearn?

why do I keep feeding the beast

of discontent?


Amen (August 2011)

shut the fuck up

kneel the fuck down

don’t you try to be

smart, nice words

you know they amount to jack

and don’t strip it down

to the basics, the bare minimum

the break from question marks

don’t go and substitute it with

ephemeral exclamations

today’s topic will be…

the fuck you need a topic for?

don’t remember

forget not

you have been here before

it’s the first time

be sure to come back

don’t wax lyrical, gush

pronounce it aloud

from your mountain

new one

same old pile of stones

don’t look up

while your inside

is dying for a glimpse

just be still, silent

let it linger

til you have become

one with one

be silence


PS why do you talk so much? I mean, I was just wondering…


The declaration (Aug 2011)


Let it come hither

If it so desires

At this moment to be free

My whole being aspires

Grab what it can of eternity

Let beauty course through my veins

No, I will not help nature

Take its course

Be an accomplice

To its craze, its haste

To everyone their due

Insanity to the world

To the fools

Peace to me, oh sweet peace!

Truth of many a hue

So, let it salivate from afar, anear, wherever

Stake a claim

Dole out promises fulfilled past

Like it got it all figured out

Here I will be sitting

Spirits and middle finger up

As if it did not cast a long shadow

Its clout meant naught

And oh, should it insist

On a council, I wonder

So please its heart

Would it deign to show its face?

How about the twenty second of never?

Said place

Said attitude

Come get me!




Fuck it, I am hungry!


Tesfa Yetemolu Yefikir Sinignoch ( Feb 2008)

I was just thinking about you

For dog years

In more places

Than a stray dog could only dream of going to

Mustering strength from my exhaustion

When all hope is lost what’s there left to do

Save for hope some more?

The very thought of you brings out the prophet in me

Check this out

Your heart shall be my shelter

The whole 150 cmof it [citation needed]

And time would no longer count

Neither 1.5 ml

Nor 1.73 m

None of it will signify a damn thing

Only you would count

Let space-time shrink

We will live the scientific life

Physics, chemistry, biology –we will have it all

Regain my missing rocks -now, that’s geology

Til with thee I  wake up

And I am dead

Never mind the statistics

Best believe we gon’ die together

But that’s for later

Now  can hardly wait

For my universe to end


Esat  ( June 2011)

She was hot

Prometheus would have been pissed

Pandora’s descendant was sporting fire

But no need to panic

A mortal man to the rescue

Since before fire

He was meant to be her fireman

Or so he thought ……..

Got to return fire to his kind

Get it off the wrong being

Approaches his destiny

With all sense of urgency

Hose and all…..

Damn oxygen!

Couldn’t stop her from taking it in

Try as his lips might

He needed them for something else

Had to scream out how searing she was

And couldn’t keep her blaze under wraps

Had to show it to the world

Soon he would lie next to her

Draped in the dereliction

Known as satisfaction

She is still burning

But, behold!

He too was on fire now

She, never the one to give up

He, never the one to compromise

In between many fiery a sun

Two fires will duel

Top and bottom

Front and back

Side by side

Alas, there will be no winner

For both will keep on burning

Happily ever after

More than body

Stronger than soul

Fire they would have in common

Long live the fire!


No Debate (January 2008)


Have got the roles reversed, I say

Have faith in me

When I should have believed in you


I am not that into roles

Only role-play

I rest my case, you say

Roles are there to be played



But um


What is it to you?

So irrational

The ultimate romantic


The master of reason

See first

Believe last

You interject

You have got the order reversed

I proceed, true to style

Talk on never listen

How could you stay loving

The game  and

The abysmal player

The team relegated every season

To realms unpleasant

Both in equal measure?


Keep wallowing

In and out of roles and reason

I don’t get me

I don’t get you

I don’t get us

But I am happy for that

And elated to be happy

For someone rational

I can also be irrational

For a critique

I want to be like you

Get a tinge closer


Perfectly poised as ever

From the moments of ignorance

To those of knowledge

To the rush that sweeps through me

To the feeling I regret having for anyone else

Anything else

To the breaking down

The breaking dawn

The conceding

And back to the ignorance

My number one fan

Yesterday, now and always


Sleep ( April 2012)

They say it is a beautiful day

Sprawled on the asphalt

Face down

Why do you refuse to take in the beauty

All the movement

All the color around you?

It’s like nature is putting out

For me and you and you and you

Look at the spectacle

The magnificence of life, of another day

And all that lies therein

Instead of being the spectacle

Writing with your own color

Red on black

“vanity of vanities; all is vanity”

Too late for you

Too early for everyone else to read it

Even if the world had the chance to see it

Would they see your face again tonight

A reflection of themselves in the mirror?

Yeah, it’s a beautiful day

With beginnings and ends

Comings and goings

Everyone’s load is the heaviest

Everyone’s on top of the world

Endless thoughts

Until  suddenly ? They are brought to an end


Shit that happens when one thinks one is strong (November 2014)

Almost got it down to an art, barely floating

Hanging on to straws, the little things

Then a little something comes and

Breaks me down

So tiresome, being a second-rate phoenix

No triumph

Just getting by

Eyes on my feet, the present


Not crazy about them anymore

Hard enough the battering waves

False lighthouses

Don’t want to provide the water

As well


My troubles (July 2012)

Forces of nature: air and water

I looked to thee for this exorcism

But sighing,  yawning could not cut it

My troubles stayed inside

I was left out in the cold

Maybe another try

Stretched out my arms, for the wind to take them

Away like the chaff they were

They insisted on their importance

We are the grains you see!

Let’s see, if trying to drown you

Might work like a charm:

a.      For all their weighing me down

They remained afloat

b.      It gave us a well-deserved break

My troubles and I both

They returned well-rested, stronger

c.       By-and-by

The din died down

Laid me down, the bed with

Its aura of, wake up!

It was time ages ago

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