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Things that give me hope. Things that fuck me up. And all that lies in between.

  • As was the case in Bahir Dar, third time still seems to be the charm as far as getting a modicum of satisfaction in my teaching goes. Granted, there are times when it seems like I am talking to at a gathering of people who must be going “Please God, make him shut up! Please stop this madness!”. And other times, disorganization, precipitated by –believe it or not- overpreparation, reigns supreme …..
  • Learned from the periodic table in the classroom that Ti-22 = Titanium. First two letters of my name, my birthdate! ጥቤ ታይቴንየም!! አቦ ይመቸኝ!! “እስቲ አርፈህ እነዚህ እውቀት የተጠሙ ልጆች አስተምር!”
  • የሆነ አብሮን የሚሰራ ልጅን “ምነው ወዳጄ? ምነው ከሳህ?!”,complete with a worried facial expression ልለው ፈልጌ እንግሊዝኛው ጠፋኝ:: “Have you lost weight?” ደግሞ compliment ይመስላል::
  • From Requiem for a Dream: Don’t never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. GeTere, I know you’ve seen the movie. So no spoilers please.
  • Hung is a pretty good series 🙂

  • Conversation with fellow African (about the infamous የአይነምድር ጉድጓድ comment) provided me with an outsider’s view of how our point-of-pride, i.e., “never colonized”, could be regarded by others as proof that colonialism cannot be blamed for all of Africa’s problems. And two non-Africans tried to point out how the Italians were light-weight and the reason the Germany lost WWII because they went to Africa to do the job the Italians couldn’t take care of. I took offense and tried to defend the Italians: “They were no joke! We know!”… I guess what I am trying to say is, not everyone values our shit like we do and is in awe of the adversary that we had to overcome in order to achieve that shit.
  • Thought about writing a poem that went like:

Change gon come but if it doesn’t


That’s all I have got so far.




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Discovered plum = እንኮይ. So, …. in celebration of this new found  knowledge:


P.s. But is plum really እንኮይ?


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