on certain types of deficiencies

I don’t fuck with Luda as much as I used to back in the “what’s your fantasy?” and “move!” days. But the “parallels” between his new joint and a recent article precipitated this.


Marked contrast from the girls on here:



And the obligatory reaction to Teddy’s new joint:

ሊያስለቅሰኝ ነው


They just won’t let you get your resveratrol on

So, I’m checking out at the store. Cashier asks me how old I was, because I was carrying wine. I say “old enough”. I was trying to be charming. But I guess she took offense. She asks for an ID: “if you had just told me your age…” She sees that my learner’s permit has expired (hey, don’t judge me! ምንም በቤቢ ፊያት ጊዜ ተለማምዶ እስካሁን መንጃ ፍቃድ ያልያዘ ሰው እኔ ብቻ ሳልሆን ባልቀርም, … my excuse: same as Eve’s verse on You Got Me “With all my classes I don’t have the time for life’s thrills”). She calls the manager. He goes “in the great state of so and so we don’t sell… that’s how the Founding Fathers intended it to be…”

They remove the bottle of wine from my stuff. አይኖቼ ተከተሉት…


I couldn’t even be flattered that she deemed it necessary to ascertain my age.

Then I come home to find out that Bill Maher is off tonight.

ቶታል ዲዛስተር አይ ቴል ያ!

On top of that, I can’t stop myself from going “really?!” (there may be a smirk there) whenever one of my students says they have found something to be difficult. Please, don’t you go ahead and be proud of me like ልጃችን ተስተምሮ ፈረንጅን “ሪሊ?!!” ማለት ዠመረ!! I am still clueless as shit. And that’s not good TA behavior. ለነገሩ many are the times when I would just throw whatever English word or phrase that I find lying around close by, just in the spirit of communication. Just because I say it, doesn’t mean that’s what I wanted to say.

በፓስፖርቴ መጠጥ እንዳልገዛ ደግሞ እማማ ኢትዮጵያን ማዋረድ ይሆናል:: It’s not good look.

ምን ይሻላል? Now I’m just sitting, blogging when I am supposed to be sipping. ዓርብ ያለወይን ግቡን ይመታ ይሆን?


Rant: 1, 2, 3, go! ይብላኝ ላንቺና ለድርጅቱ እንጂ እኔማ መንገድ አላጣም:: ምን አይነቷ ጠማማ ናት በናታችሁ?! “I’m dealing with these fucking experiments, hearing ‘no, no, no’ all day long, then I come home and you won’t let me get my jam on up in here?!”



የጨበሪት ስጦታ

ፈተና ደረሰብኝ! ወይኔ ጉዴ ፈላ!! Means I’ll have to bring even more work home, and actually do it. And yet,  there have been times when I would find myself in the shower going over the mini speech that I’m going to give on the day of my defense, which is at least a couple of years away. That’s how messed up.

Bringing work home is hardly fun. But once every 180 years, one gets to receive a package of ice cream with dry ice (which one would normally associate with lab reagents.) One is left to exclaim that bringing work home has never tasted this good:

The funny part is that it’s her birthday today but I’m the one getting the ice cream. ተባረኪ እቴ! May you have one rockin year! ጨበሪት is so የልጅ አዋቂ:: She started blogging when she was 2 and has been going strong ever since. Who am I kidding? She has not been going strong at all. Neither has ገጠሬ:: ኧረ ልቾ! ማትጽፉ? ለነገሩ እኔም በደንብ እየጻፍኩ አይደለም:: Self ልቾ::

The last time someone had my ice cream needs in mind, I was almost 1/3 my current age. It was right about the time when my sister and I used to መጎምጀት everytime  we passed by the pastry shops around Stadium: Connection, Cosmos. The pictures of cones of ice cream on the outside! The አሪፍ, ትኩስ ሽታ emanating from inside! Man!!  Then our dad goes abroad and starts sending us ice cream money. And he was not rolling in the dough. I doubt if he indulged himself.

Point is that ice cream means so much now, same way it did back then.

Point is that the where we went to have ice creams used to be this place called ጣፋጭ ቤተልሄም 😉 True story.

ጨበሪት ሆይ

የዝነኛው ድምጻዊ ሸዋንዳኝ (ስሙ የዳኛ ወይ የባላባት ልጅ ይመስላል 🙂 ) ሃይሉ “ስጦታሽ (አይስ ክሪም ነው)” የተሰኘውን ዘፈን ተጋብዘሻል::

ያው መኖር እንዳለ መሞትም አለና (አንቺን አይመለከትም: ገና ልጅ ነሽ) Biggie እና Tupacን ብናስባቸው ምን ይለናል? It’s been 20/+ years.



andthree’s 10th year anniversary

If you see signs of struggle, it’s not because we dead. It’s because we been survivin’!!! አንድ ስሙ እንዳይጠቀስ የፈለገ ፈላስፋ

Throwback to the first post, on our first abode, Wezgaboch.


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