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እስኪሪፕቶ, ሶኬት, መዝሙር


Shout out to Fantahun T from elementary, wherever he might be, whose ballpoint game used to be on point, especially the green one. Matter of fact, everything about him used to be on point. The smartest kid in school, well dug by the girls, good at football…I used to go green with envy. One time I had to rewrite a semester’s worth of ሳይንስ ደብተር trying to copy his dope ass hand writing and drawing. የልብ ስዕሉ ይምጣብኝ! Auricles and ventricles never looked better. Another time, word went out that he had recited a full passage from the እንግሊዝኛ መጽሀፍ. Can’t say I didn’t feel the pressure to accomplish the same feat. There was a third time when he had pronounced “frightened” as “ፍሪግዜንድ”; I had half a mind to follow suit. But, hey! Even our English teacher used to say “ኔግሃቡር”, “ዳንጀሪዮስ”,… በወቅቱ ከርሱና ከሌላኛው ጓደኛችን ዘለግ እል ስለነበር used to feel a bit self-conscious and shortness had seemed appealing. Last time we met a bunch of years ago, he was taller than me, if memory serves. And I am left to rue my foolish childhood wishes, አሁን በሰው ሃገር የሰው ዛፍ እያየሁ እያንገበገበኝ::

It be that way that sometimes: one starts the morning with a መዝሙር on one’s lips, to come home in the wee hours of the morning to a verse from the same song, after a night of carousing:


An observation: corroborating the observation of a former roommate, English language proficiency shows a marked improvement upon consumption of ethanol.

Sometimes a look at a plug and a song suggests itself, somehow, someway.


The sober One’s English is kind of shaky. So one checks to see if “plug” is the right word here, and not “socket”. Then one goes on a tangent, thinking about how in some corners “the gender of connectors and fasteners” could be considered cheeky and politically incorrect.



another one about the sistas

So, my little sister made me look good, again. She took my money and did something meaningful with it that I got መመረቅed by our parents: ‘እሱም ተጨንቆ እንዲህ ያደርግ ጀመር?!’ The money was originally meant for 40/60. አገሬ ስመለስ አንገት, ከተቻለም the rest of the body ማስገቢያ ይሆናል ብዬ…


My sister always knows whuz good. It was with her that I got to see Hasset Acoustics doing their thing. Had a great time sitting too close to the big ass speaker notwithstanding; and despite the guy who had invited her to check out the place መሞዳሞዲንግ with her, in my presence, አምላክ ያሳያችሁ, ዕቃ አረገኝ’ኮ!, like he wanted her to check out some other place.

From the members of Hasset on show that night, Sami Dan has gone on to do big things. But it was Chelina who was the real star. Hope she would blow up soon. Girl got it. And she got that Amy Winehouse thing going on.

And oh, I once had the opportunity to clap eyes on Ayu Alemu in closeish quarters. He didn’t say hi. The moral of the story is, I have seen people 🙂

I know that someday that I will have to find someone other than my sister to outsource my ቁምነገር doings to so that I could concentrate full-time on ቧልት::

My bars:

Your worst nightmare n#$%a, don’t wanna press rewind

Wanna kill me n#$%a, you gotta stay in line

Real bars!

I am of the opinion that The Tonight Show is beneath Black Thought:

A proposed track listing for Young Dolph’s mixtape 😀

young dolph

Arguably one of the best passages in The Bible juxtaposed with some dubious advice:


I have this recurring dream where I come to a river and I would go “not this fucking river again!” Could it be the river Styx?



ነጻ ምግብ, ቆሻሻ ልብስ, …



The joys of free food from ማኔጅመንት ኢንስቲትዩት (ባህር ዳር) to የመፒ ስልጠናዎች (ጥቁር አንበሳ) to the neuroscience conference. This time we even were too busy doing our thing to attend the thing. የምግብ ሰዓት ሲደርስ ግን አይናችንን በጨው አጥበን ሄድን:: ነጻ ምግብ እንዳለ ጥቆማ ያደረሰን ወዳጃችን ሽንቱ ይለምልም! 🙂


When one realizes that one kind of dressed like shit

taxGood mail to come home to

20160910_225937This has to be ፈረሰኛ , right?




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