sweet defeat

Conquer me I beg of you
Thrash me
Till I’m black and blue
But stubborn
You’d rather wait
Till black turns blue
So I wait
From disinterested heights
The moon and the stars
For witnesses
Won’t pine for you
Thus I will catch you
And you shall defeat me
I go far away
Will not bother you
Return, find myself
It’s like I never left
You, still unmoved
I wait
Alone in the entire world
Oh boisterous cricket
Where art thou?!
Man-made beasts
Are all I hear
(with legally-asleep handlers)
You refuse
Now I apologize
For all the times
I tried to beat you
For I don’t know better
But please
For this one time
To overpower me I need you
For whom else can I trust to deal
So thorough a blow?
Take pity on me
I am yours for the taking
Body and soul
Like that Billie Holiday song
Don’t hold your breath
Like I’ve held mine
To creep up on you
When you see me exposed
The many sides
How to get through to you
Or the other way round
Time passes
I mourn the losses
The losses that could have been
So refractory an enemy
A friend
Who worse than you
To snub a sacrifice laid?
A sacrifice which pleads
“Receive me now
Take me into your arms”
Thus to re-offer itself tomorrow


Nas and Damian sample Mulatu; and Mo Mooziqa

Sometime ago, we, at andthree were contemplating the possibility of  a Mulatu-DMX joint.

A snippet was leaked a while back from the collabo album distant relatives.

Here is as we enter  a.k.a  afrobeat and has a sample of yegele tizita:

Hope Mulatu got paid for it. I know Nas is going through  baby momma’s drama but Mulatu, get your money man!

And other favorites:


Google Chrome rocks! I am working on a connection that IE failed to detect. So, biochemically speaking, chrome has got a higher affinity for internet connection.

88.Gloomy Sunday

Listened to it ; survived it –with flying colors !!

Yippee! I am not suicidal 😀

Truth be told the version I heard was of this female singer whose name I do not know. May be hers is not as potent as the original Hungarian one and that of Billie Holliday. I have got a good mind to listen to both.

I even tried it on a bit gloomy Sunday morning and on a friend: “…this song is reputed to kill those who listen to it. And… I choose you”.

And nothing.

Maybe I was not the right amount of depressed.  And maybe I could not relate to the lyrics –thank God!

Anyway, it goes to show you that it takes more than a song to kill an Ethiopian.

Yay a yay

And before anyone else says it let me say this: poverty, disease or conflict  but not a simple song.


Of the million things that are in demand, why do they sell only lomi and mefakia outside campus?

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