61. Silehagere

I am shallow. As Cee Lo would put it, it is deep how I can be so shallow. I am more about style rather than substance: may be it is the Gemini in me (I said me!). I wish I could break Ethiopia down, write volumes about what it is how it is…. Better yet, I wish I had billions, somehow  could pinpoint people who desperately need what money can buy; somehow reach those people before it is too late; leave just enough for me, the bare necessities; start a chain reaction of goodness, a pay it forward kinda shit.  All this not forgetting that the “bare necessities” change with the amount of money one has got. And what money can not buy, I wish I could inspire Ethiopians to be the supreme human beings they can be.




In the meantime, I post dull thoughts, mostly about myself.


But that does not mean I do not care.  From within the amphipathic cocoon of all I have been blessed with and my selfishness, I care.


I care that 6 million Ethiopian children are at risk of malnutrition; 3.5 million Ethiopians have been stricken by drought; about bomb explosions and the death and injury of innocent Ethiopians; about the unbearable increase in living expenses; about another  17 years of Ethiopia spent under another government who can not stay war-free and about neighboring countries who themselves do not fare better in that respect; about people living in sub-humane conditions and yet biher bihereseb vs. hager priority ,rights debates (as I remember from newspaper articles  in ‘93 E.C.   the priority thing was a major  point of disagreement between Prof Mesfin+ Dr Birhanu  and students in  the meeting  at Biherawi Lottery Adarash  i.e.   sew then biher  then Ethiopiawi /t  or  sew then Ethiopiawi/t  then  biher. I feel that the debate has continued in many circles lehitmet eskegebahubet gize dires. But I mean whatever yehagere lijoch ! Should not we be focusing on the sew part alone for  like  a hundred years from now  and let the rest two fall into place like I suspect they will? Kedmen sew binhon ayishalim?); about the decree of a Flag Day which is well and good except that it will vilify more our , I am sorry to say old flag.  People decided to take their grievances out on beauty.   

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all

                 Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ Keats

Our flag was da truth yo! Take a good look at it:


That will always be my Ethiopia.

Like I said I care about Ethiopia. I care about her in more ways than the measly points raised above. I just do not write about her or do things for her enough.  Why? Sometimes things are way too complicated and other times I am too simple (as in zim bilo) to do anything about them. Will it change anytime soon? Will I change? That’s anybody’s guess.


Nonetheless I know one thing: that I want Ethiopians to get acquainted with another singer from Colombia.

Told ya ! Shallow.

But it is the hundredth post-how perfect!


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