They just won’t let you kid around

Yesterday was qibela. Most Christian cattle and poultry are going to get a well-deserved respite from mindless slaughter. How cruel can humans get?

I know Tilish is happy like “bravo! Now you see the light! stand up f or their right” and all that

Not quite, hombre!

I think we should kill all kinds of animals and consume their products in all kinds of weather-fasting seasons included. The only time I may have qualms about eating meat would be gena. I mean think about it. Our Lord gets born in a manger, cattle warm him with their breath and we repay their service by killing them to celebrate the occasion?!  They get to have a photo op with Jesus and an impatient butcher would be waiting for them outside the crib. So, no sheep, oxen or horses for gena. But I think there are no hens in the nativity scene.

I believe that migb betoch should offer high quality yefisk migb and yeTSom beyaynet all through the year. Amen!

So yesterday I take some cake to my friend’s house, and they say “ay yante neger! yihe degmo mindin new?” (I am nice like that :smile:) I joke, “It is my birthday” not expecting for a second that they would take me seriously. I hang out for a while and go back home. Sometime later my friend comes and tells me that preparations for my birthday are in full swing. I tell him that I was kidding and that we must inform the concerned parties immediately. He tells me that I should play along for there is nothing to be gained now by being Mr. Truthful and I may even get to hurt some feelings. I acquiesce and get my Aquarius on (good grief 😮 ), get to shamelessly accept a flower from the youngest of the family,

make a speech on the importance of the day, have dinner, and the icing on the cake – drink wine for the first time in written history ( I know, I know, Betty: the drinking is getting outta control 😥  the day before yesterday also, there was a TSebil TSadik for yeametu Beale Egziabher). But not before an intensified search for a corkscrew has been undertaken. Shish! That was a tense moment. I was afraid it was a sign that someone up there was not going to let my lies slide. But it passed, and the only bad thing, if you can call it that, to happen was last night’s dreams all had a tinge of red in them.

A few posts back I celebrated my enquTaTash and now my lidet. Now, I may be wrong; but I have got this sneaking suspicion that it has been decided that I would be dead before Ginbot. Place your bets.


LOSER UPDATE: I have been seeing this girl. You know, not see as in date but see as in when light strikes an object, carries an inverted image through the lens to the retina and finally the brain corrects and registers the image as the latest object of your affection and your mouth, not so loud, registers it as “Damn! She is hot!”  You know, that kind of seeing. And maybe I will do something about it this time. I am not going to second-guess myself and I urge you not to do the same.

Thank you.

You have been a smashing audience.

62 = 26 sizor

I am now officially, before heaven and earth, sitting on 26’s. The head was taken somewhen between the ages of 5 and 10. And like any other normal kid of that age, my face used to be not-so-bright.


61. Silehagere

I am shallow. As Cee Lo would put it, it is deep how I can be so shallow. I am more about style rather than substance: may be it is the Gemini in me (I said me!). I wish I could break Ethiopia down, write volumes about what it is how it is…. Better yet, I wish I had billions, somehow  could pinpoint people who desperately need what money can buy; somehow reach those people before it is too late; leave just enough for me, the bare necessities; start a chain reaction of goodness, a pay it forward kinda shit.  All this not forgetting that the “bare necessities” change with the amount of money one has got. And what money can not buy, I wish I could inspire Ethiopians to be the supreme human beings they can be.




In the meantime, I post dull thoughts, mostly about myself.


But that does not mean I do not care.  From within the amphipathic cocoon of all I have been blessed with and my selfishness, I care.


I care that 6 million Ethiopian children are at risk of malnutrition; 3.5 million Ethiopians have been stricken by drought; about bomb explosions and the death and injury of innocent Ethiopians; about the unbearable increase in living expenses; about another  17 years of Ethiopia spent under another government who can not stay war-free and about neighboring countries who themselves do not fare better in that respect; about people living in sub-humane conditions and yet biher bihereseb vs. hager priority ,rights debates (as I remember from newspaper articles  in ‘93 E.C.   the priority thing was a major  point of disagreement between Prof Mesfin+ Dr Birhanu  and students in  the meeting  at Biherawi Lottery Adarash  i.e.   sew then biher  then Ethiopiawi /t  or  sew then Ethiopiawi/t  then  biher. I feel that the debate has continued in many circles lehitmet eskegebahubet gize dires. But I mean whatever yehagere lijoch ! Should not we be focusing on the sew part alone for  like  a hundred years from now  and let the rest two fall into place like I suspect they will? Kedmen sew binhon ayishalim?); about the decree of a Flag Day which is well and good except that it will vilify more our , I am sorry to say old flag.  People decided to take their grievances out on beauty.   

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all

                 Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ Keats

Our flag was da truth yo! Take a good look at it:


That will always be my Ethiopia.

Like I said I care about Ethiopia. I care about her in more ways than the measly points raised above. I just do not write about her or do things for her enough.  Why? Sometimes things are way too complicated and other times I am too simple (as in zim bilo) to do anything about them. Will it change anytime soon? Will I change? That’s anybody’s guess.


Nonetheless I know one thing: that I want Ethiopians to get acquainted with another singer from Colombia.

Told ya ! Shallow.

But it is the hundredth post-how perfect!


15. Dibirt ……………………87 days to go

Have you ever wanted two things so bad- things that could not happen at the same time? And remember me telling you that I was going to apply for a master’s degree in Berlin?  


In the beginning I wanted to go and I wanted to stay, each in equal measure. But as the days went by I began fantasizing about the opportunities that would open up for me and the new life I would be living. Don’t get me wrong: I love my life and the great company I am in. One of the toughest things about leaving Ethiopia would have been the thought of being apart from this company. But as the date for the announcement of the decision drew near, my hopes and fantasies had all but relegated my fears of departing to the background. 


Don’t ask me why but I was optimistic about my chances of getting in .I had a post planned to celebrate my acceptance: it went something like “this calls for a post, not a toast” referring to my prediction of the state I would be in .You know, the state that would have been brought by the ramifications of my going to Germany. 


At this juncture, allow me to say “doesn’t anyone give a damn about posting on this site anymore?’’. I have told you my reason and Tilaye has posted something that looks like “yebere ginbar”. Betty may be writing something soon and Senai comments occasionally. But it is awfully quiet up in here. Zimitaw yiseber wegenoch ! 


Getting back to …. Yesterday was decision day. I checked my mail in the morning and the afternoon and nothing. Then in the evening came the e mail man. I opened it (the e mail)…. 


Again, let me stop here and tell you about something I saw on a fire extinguisher. Number one on the operating instructions is “carry to fire”. I mean, is that not supposed to be a given? You see where I am going with this? 


I did not get accepted a.k.a. I got rejected .Take your pick. 


 What I remember seeing first is the “regretfully” at the end. I stared at the letter for sometime as if to rearrange the letters with my bare eyes (is this expression correct?) and make them read “you have been accepted!”  


The joy of staying did not seem so appealing at that point in time. The “I wish I was dreaming“feeling from a few posts ago came over me. I went to bed but as usual sleep turned out to be a sorry excuse for a means of drowning my fears, disappointments, etc. Everytime I try and do that (like when Manchester loses), my troubles keep on waiting for me on the other side of the night; hands crossed on chests like “what now?!”  True enough, I had an awful night and woke up feeling like shit. 


Failure is a bitch. 

I am now at the damage control phase. I have to disconnect the synapses that used to paint beautiful pictures about my expectations. My ongoing education must receive my undivided attention. I should not be stressing about how I could have done better in the past and how I could have been accepted by the institution. I do not even know the criteria on which I came short. Most of all, I should get back to the mood I was in when I was commenting on T’s bits (RIP); then everything would be just peachy. 

It is too late for me to ask this question. But Tilaye, why did you stop your blog? Why man whhhhy?


Is it true that Gemini make for shitty teachers? I went into teaching against astrological advice and look what happened. On Saturday about a quarter of the class showed up, the ones present were either sleepy or bored, and word is that my teaching methods did not sit well with the students in general. This just in, I read on Encarta that teaching is one of the professions associated with Gemini. The teacher who succeeded me is a Gemini and they like him just fine. Tilaye, you is a Gemini; say something.

On the last post, I was asked about the political situation in Ethiopia. I, as most of other Ethiopians, was robbed of my rekindled enthusiasm on the subject by what happened in the aftermath of the Ginbot ’97. I hate Etv so I do not know what they are saying on that. But I have heard that the 38 imprisoned CUD leaders and journalists have been convicted of the crimes that were laid upon them. And the sentences can reach up to capital punishment. Some more people (at least one from our sefer) have been arrested on the same charges. 


Better days are proving as elusive as ever albeit we are being constantly told that they are here. And this coming from a person living one of the “yetemechachu nurowoch” in the country. 

On a happier note, there is this new singer who goes by the name Mikaya Behailu. I like her album.

 This was Tibebe. 




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