• Woke up one morning last week, did the usual: checked Twitter, the blog, emails. NYtimes morning briefings don’t interest me as much as they used to -world keeps getting more fucked up and ludicrous by the day. Google Scholar alerting me there’s a paper out on our area. “Shit! Another one from another lab. Fuckers!” Click on the link and I see my name! My grandfather’s name, to be exact. Wish it could have been my father’s or mother’s. I’m not making too much of it though. I feel like I should have contributed more, and recognize that it’s only the beginning. But each brick matters, and I don’t want to be an ungrateful prick. Here’s to hoping the next one comes right on the heels of this one. Also received a congratulatory message from an unexpected person. It felt nice.
  • Now, I’ve been wary of water in all its shapes and forms ever since “the great near drowning incident of 2015”. But I got to try my legs at a little bit of skiing and snowboarding. Motivation for the madness came in the form of the persistence of a coworker and from a celebratory mode stemming from recent inroads made in the scientific publishing arena 🙂 –“I’ll know that I’ve been published even if I end up dying out there” Fell down a bunch of times የቂጤ ብርጭቆ እስኪሰበር ድረስ.


The resident pain in the neck has gotten worse (was cupping my chin two days later). Can’t help but contemplate about things that could have went wrong (thoughts of Shumacher, although I stuck to the bunny hill the entire time; ሆሆ! ጎመን በጤና አሉ እትዬ … ) and how ill-advised of me it was not to wear a helmet. I swear I lost a couple of pounds in the aftermath. And I don’t think dehydration via a constantly running nose would account for the entire loss; probably left behind some minor organ on the slopes. There were moments of “I’m chillin’ homes!” and of “I’m the king of the world!” An enjoyable experience overall; I think I will do it again

  • Had oysters.


I liked the taste and how al dente (?) the meat was. Yes, tried the crustaceans and now on the mollusks, Dr S from Invertebrate Zoology would have been proud. Next stop, caviar, baby!


….Should have never left in the first place. You just have to understand. You’re a lot, Midge

A lot of what?

You meet a girl. Maybe she’s pretty. Maybe she’s smart. Maybe she’s funny. Maybe your parents like her. Maybe you get really lucky and she’s one or two of those things. I got em all. That’s a lot.

Wasn’t enough though

It was. It was more than enough. I fell in love with you the moment I asked you out and you said no….I never left…

The fuck are you trying to say, man?

Anyway, the above was taken from the final episode of season 1 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I’m on that Mozart in the Jungle too. Making good use of my Amazon Prime subscription.

The old guard:

The young’n doing the old guard:

This old thing

For the sick beat, and the ዕልልታ; ምንም እንኳን በጸሎታችሁ አስቡኝ ብሎ ሲያበቁ ዕልልልልልል ማለት ወጉ ባይሆንም…

Baby you got me like ah, woo, ah
Don’t you stop loving me (loving me)
Don’t quit loving me (loving me)
Just start loving me (loving me)


in praise of slow


David and Donald:

dawit getachew

childish gambino

I don’t see myself getting a pet anytime soon but these two are pure cuteness that I find myself going back to them frequently:


This made me laugh so hard:

leaving the lab like



we be movin’ on up

Over the phone my brother is literally like, ቤት ስትመጣ ውስኪ አለ ፤ ይዘህ ትሄዳለህ…እንደቢራ ብዙ መጠጣት የለብህም:: ትንሹ ሞቅ ያደርግሃል::

እኔ ደግሞ literally መሽኮርመም like

He was the one who had turned me from my teetotaling ways (የትም ላልደርስ ነገር) and initiated me into the wonders of ቢራ. He had also overseen my earliest exposure to ጠጅ:: ሌላ ሰው ከሚያስለምድህ እኛው ብናስጀምርህ ይሻላል was his angle.

So, yes. Excitement. Whisky is going to be great; an upgrade over wine. The few times I’ve drunk whisky, I’ve got nothing but good memories. Like the time I was hanging out with this girl, I was finding her and physically arousing, she dropped me off at home, we rubbed cheeks with that singular of Etyopian greetings, and in the privacy of the bathroom I had inspected a prototypical boner, which is a stuff of aspirations to this day. ከዚያች ዕለት በኋላ ከላይ የተጠቀሰችውን  ብዕሲት ለማግኘት የተደረገው ተደጋጋሚ ጥረት አልተሳካም::

A text from the future:

message from the future

Unaccomplished tasks:


ደረቅ ቆዳ season. A sore sight for the eyes 🙂


I really hate this. And the lotions don’t seem to be doing me a world of good probably because I keep on washing my hands like Lady Macbeth. My line of work requires it but maybe I take it to a whole nother level. Anyways, now it’s going to be the unfinished bottle that my former roommate left behind. Yes, I like saving money. Interesting thing about that bottle, the smell of the lotion brought back waves of memories of a special girl. I had been warned: use it sparingly or else risk the scent becoming my own scent; memories getting wiped off. Didn’t listen. Applied it daily and liberally on my face. Yes, I’m metrosexual. Now I can’t tell where girl ends and roommate begins.

There’s also that other lotion that was sent by another special girl for the express purpose of applying it on the አይበሉባ:: Woe the day that tube runs dry. It would be like the last strand of connection being broken….

Finished reading GGS. It got repetitive after a certain point. Slugged through it regardless. Far be it from me to lap up talk of Etyopian exceptionalism however tempting it may be. But the book talks about how Etyopia was one of the select number of places to have domesticated plants leading to crop surplus in turn setting the stage for civilization. And what kind of shit did we manage to domesticate? ጤፍ፣ እንሰት ፣ ኑግ ፣ ዳጉሳ (“የዳጉሳ ጠላ በጎን የሚነዳ”) ፣ ቡና እና ጫት:: Even though the list gives off the impression that our lives kind of sucked that half of it had to do with stimulants, looks like we were on our way to civilization. What the fuck happened?


True. Yesterday’s disaster pales in comparison with today’s. But both don’t even make a bleep on the radar of disasters when you consider the real shit people around you are going through. So, brush that impostor syndrome off of your shoulders and keep stepping. None of that “torpor and inertia” (From Captain Corelli’s Mandolin).

Then again, It is as reasonable to represent one kind of imprisonment by another, as it is to represent anything that really exists by that which exists not. 

ነፃነት butchered መድኃኒቴ እና ልጠብቅህ ወይ:: ምነው’ቴ?! ምንም ዘፈኑን አንቺ ብትዘፍኚውም የሕዝብ ሃብት’ኮ ነው! ታሪክ ሰሪው ደግሞ ሠፊው ሕዝብ ነው:: Similar but varying degrees of reproach go out to all them mutherfuckers who had tried to redo their old songs: ቴዎድሮስ፣ ኤፍሬም ፣ ንዋይ ፣ ፀጋዬ… The triple OG’s remain in a league of their own: አስቴር ፣ ጥላሁን ፣ መሐሙድ

This week’s anthems:





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