50. Tesfa yetemolu yefikir sinignoch

I was just thinking about you

For dog years

In more places

Than a stray dog could only dream of going to

Mustering strength from my exhaustion

When all hope is lost what’s there left to do

Save for hope some more?

The very thought of you brings out the prophet in me

Check this out

Your heart shall be my shelter

The whole 150 cmof it [citation needed]

And time would no longer count

Neither 1.5 ml


Nor 1.73 m


None of it will signify a damn thing

Only you would count

Let space-time shrink

We will live the scientific life

Physics, chemistry, biology –we will have it all

My missing rocks inclusive -that’s geology

Til with thee I  wake up

And I am dead

Never mind the statistics

Best believe we gon’ die together

But that’s for later

Now  can hardly wait

For my universe to end


Love is in the air (not as much as them green house gases anyway); I inhaled and it came out like so.


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