On the pluses of power rationing

38 minutes and counting – this is how much the laptop’s battery is going to hold out. I come home from school hoping to catch the electricity unawares. But as soon as I get home and am ready to do some serious work, pfff, it is gone! But some part of me is always ready to see the silver linings on the cloud and I think it must be a blessing in disguise for the following reasons.

42 minutes and counting; I know earlier I said 38 minutes and…; take it up with the computer manufacturer 😈

a)     First and foremost, it gives you someone to blame for things delayed or postponed though in your heart of hearts (what kind of fuck ass cliché is that anyway?) you know that they would have been delayed or postponed anyways.

b)     You can use the daytime to read novels.

c)      It gives you impetus to learn touch typing. But you still can come home with an uncharged battery. Be bono bijemer tiru neber. For the time being, there is room 21 which can serve the purpose

d)     Does it make you plan better? Sorry it came out as a question. Does it make you plan better. 

e)     You eat a lot of injera beqibe. You come home from a long day at work and you are expected to chop onions in candle light (how romantic!). What do you do if it was you? I said what you gonna do? Call the ghostbusters    just heat some butter, pour it judiciously on injera and sprinkle some mitmita on it; and it is good to go, baby! Fast, simple and with a hell lot of saturated fatty acids. What about the carbohydrates though? You know that our body cannot carry out a net conversion of fatty acids into glucose. Cooking pasta needs a relatively longer time. Hulet wedo ayhon.

Our mothers and fathers were on point when they said chigir beqibe yasbelal

f)       I have mentioned this betedegagami, being the pervert that I am. Am I the only one worried about the effect it may be having on the population growth rate of the country? You may disagree that it is an advantage; but you know what, we can export people!


21 minutes and counting

I won’t lie  – some of it I wrote  today.

96. My neighbor got gats


A couple moved in next room.  The guy is a soldier. Mihidaren atebebut weys alatebebutim?  I think I better leave that for tarik and tiwild to answer.

I fear I may be inconveniencing them being a wall away with my eager ears. What was the word for a voyeur, but with ears instead of eyes?  A voyear?

It started raining last night and the guy was like “cover me I am going in!”  Turns out the rain was not really serious about raining and a rain check –but in the opposite sense –was called accompanied by “ain’t that a bitch!?”

I would have liked it better if a single female had moved in. But you know; you don’t always get what you want. Or is it, be careful what you wish for?  I mean, I was dying for some action but, I guess I forgot to specify that I wanted to be involved in the action.

Whoever moved or had moved in, I am not planning on being too close with them. In fact, I am working on ways of putting them off.  Given the fact that religion is big here, as evidenced in part by the many persons listening to mezmur from their mobiles, be it near the library or on the road – I am not insinuating that the people here are intolerant, but I hope that at least my neighbors get a bit irked by my actions – playing Amr Diab one morning, protestant mezmurs on the second and having enjera bekibe (chigir/sinfina bekibe yasbelal 🙂 ) for dinner, and mind you it is yetsom ken, I think, could work.

Ironically, it was me who had twice greeted the wife and got no response. Okay I nodded my head the first time and the second time it was a very low decibel “dehina adersh?” which she might even not have heard.

Truth be told, I am not sure if my presence would bother them in the slightest in their bid to fulfill their, and everyone else’s, mission in life:  to screw without giving a damn who is watching or listening.

And someone goes “this boy’s problem has reached critical levels! He needs an outlet, and quick before he succeeds in sexing-down every facet of his and everybody else’s life.”

I politely agree with that fellow and then kick his ass just for good measure. I have not been in a fight since seventh grade – and it was with a boy whom all the feasibility indicators had shown to be beatable and I am an aspiring lover not a fighter– but I could learn, right?

At any rate, if the event is that I am cramping my neighbors’ style, they need not worry; at least not for the coming  _ days because I am going home; and no Babylon can stop me now!

May your new year be just like your old one!

I mean, if this year did not get its ass out of the way, we probably would not have had the chance to see the new year, now would we ?

Hold up; it is still 2001 !?

And, I wanted “coming home” but this is just as good.

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