Nas and Damian sample Mulatu; and Mo Mooziqa

Sometime ago, we, at andthree were contemplating the possibility of  a Mulatu-DMX joint.

A snippet was leaked a while back from the collabo album distant relatives.

Here is as we enter  a.k.a  afrobeat and has a sample of yegele tizita:

Hope Mulatu got paid for it. I know Nas is going through  baby momma’s drama but Mulatu, get your money man!

And other favorites:


Google Chrome rocks! I am working on a connection that IE failed to detect. So, biochemically speaking, chrome has got a higher affinity for internet connection.

72. Hulet amet kearat ken

The writer handed in his thesis two years and four days after being first introduced to the topic.  Three and a half years dead and injured hitherto in the saga that has touched upon two millennia.


Two years and four days ago T was tackling the Zola Pyramid with his friends before leaving and today…he is probably packing his bags for a return trip as we type, and therefore will probably not read this.


Lauryn Hill’s M Tv   Unplugged is the anthem for PG as it was four years ago for UG.

“PhD’s in illusion
Masters of mass confusion
Bachelors in past illusion”                         

Freedom time


Can hardly wait for my MMc



70. Asiregnawin amet bemasmelket

17. Semonun yetemechugn negeroch……….65 days to go

Kaltemechegn neger lijemir. By now you might have heard that the new seven wonders of the world have been named. I am a bit disappointed that neither Axum nor Lalibela made it even to the last twenty. Esti eyuachew, min yansachewal? I salute them and hope to visit them someday.

                       untitled-t.jpg                                   untitled.jpg

Mo Ibrahim is the Sudanese founder of Celtel, a mobile service provider in many parts of Africa.  He has sold the company to Kuwaitis for some 2.3 billion $ Anyway, he has now come up with a new idea .He has set up a foundation that is going to award African leaders deemed outstanding. moibrahimlogo.gif

A guy in Harvard is developing an index that is going to be used to make the evaluation. One winner a year is going to receive a prize of 500 000 $ for ten years and 200 000 $ thereafter. He reckons that the fear of being suddenly separated from the lavish lifestyle they used to enjoy makes what their face corrupt and what not. The first winner is going to be announced in October 2007. One of the skeptics said of the plan that most of the “bad governance” is done at the ministerial level and the presidents/prime ministers alone can do so much.


  The picture above is of a hybrid between a horse and a zebra. I got it from a Spanish blog by the name “inadecuado”. I started visiting this blog in the hope that it was going to help me improve my Spanish. It is mostly pictures and videos with short descriptions. I do not visit it as often as I set out to. Oh by the way, did I tell you that I once bought an Italian magazine on the streets mistaking it for a Spanish one. I realized my mistake soon enough and returned it to the guy who sold it to me. But I was a laughing stock for sometime due to this.

It has been a while since Robin Thicke released his album. For all I know he might have gone double platinum by now. I have heard and loved two songs of his: lost without you and can you believe. I recently saw his cd cover and have admired the creativity.


 Lauryn Hill is also set to release a new album; can not believe that it has been nine years. I hope it is banging as supposed to. The mtv unplugged album was also nice. On the home front, I have already told you about Mikaya and even sent some of you a song. But it is time you know that she also happens to have a nice smile.

                                                             15bdd8c50.jpg Staying with music, here are the scientists turned rockers who brought to the live earth concerts what has been dubbed “the coolest concert on earth, literally”.                                     nuna.jpg  And staying with cool, this post would not be complete if I did not mention one of the coolest human beings I have ever met. In Hebrew her name stands for                                       lamb.jpg  Damn straight I can do mystery!  One

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