bihere macondo

Came this form to the office. They told us to check that our particulars are properly filled in and to insert additional information including, our biher. I did not see the use in that and decided at first to leave it blank. Here I am trying to be a world citizen and petty things like biher are trying to pull me down; not if I can help it! Next day came a bright idea. Why don’t I fill in my biher. And fill I did – Macondo. If anyone should ask which biher that is , I would answer, with a straight offended face: “and you know by heart the names of all 80 biher bihereseboch and hizboch, huh?!”

And I needed to write this post.



Had my first class today. Did it go the way I planned it to?


Did I spit nonsense , did I choke a bit ?


Did I , Oh did I feel tired ,really tired after class ended?

Hell yeah!

Do I have to do it all over again tomorrow, and am I totally unprepared for it ? 😥

Weyne gude 💡


I take what little consolation I can from being one of the probably few guys who start their first class with “A guy goes into a bar…”

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