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the robe of the priest at entons yesus. peep the " yeetiopia " . last time i was there, the deacon wore a t shirt with "bacardi "on it. asi globalization !


the guys at kuriftu are so polite that i bet, when off duty , they break out into a staccato of obscenities. i kayaked by the way!

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i seem to have lost my head

94. Bahir Dar-the land of the early evening rainbow + The reciprocation post- are you happy now? + Phew! What a long title?!

Saturday, around 12:35:  Imagen005



The rainbow in front, twilight at the back… a rush of dopamine … so thankful to have been alive at that moment!


The following is based on actual events and people. But that does not necessarily mean that it is true.

I have known Betty … My earliest recollection of Betty, she was wearing a t shirt with The Backstreet Boys on it. She must have had blue jeans and white sneakers (with the black/brown “u” lining their front side). I, for my part was wearing a t shirt with Texas on it and blue jeans and brown shoes. My peeps and I were playing basketball and she came looking for one of us. By the way, I used to net some really mean three pointers. I was not good at basketball or anything but, somehow, in a bahilawi sort of way, I used to bang them in. May be I was good and it was the acomodador that prevented me from improving my game.

As you can see, I have been reading The Zahir

That was freshman year. Sophomore year we start talking. We would be waiting in front of the back entrance of B ½ for the teacher to arrive and I would tell her how nice it would be to jump. I still flirt with those kinds of thoughts. Last night, I dreamt that I had shot myself in the head and I was walking around, hole and all.

The difference between then and now-Betty is not around and I cannot tell her about it.

Man I miss her!

Wait! This is not the end. But I want it to come out right; you know, the perfect tribute to a friendship that has spanned seven years.

I am feeling sleepy

To be continued…

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