hassab flakes ii: now with (two) pics

Blogger’s block man! It is like my mind is dying for fiber. So screw cohesiveness; I have never had it to begin with it; I’ll just let it hang all out, the way I did before.

The carton of Fafa Cornflakes states that their product is rich in energy (sure it makes you start the day strongly; only to leave you stranded at around 10 AM), calcium (bones), protein (building) and dietary fiber (for good digestion) Beats me why they use a bigger font for “dietary” instead of  “fiber”. Every time I hear Munit and Jorg do an old number, I just have got to go and listen to the original song. Cases in point. Tiz Alegne YeTintu, Tilahun and Ene Wisheten New, Menelik. It’s a compliment guys. A female external examiner is administering viva voce and I am doubling as the usher. Since the door of the office has to be locked because it is prone to be opened by the slightest of breezes, part of my job description for those four days is to lock the door after each student has taken their seat in front of Madam Terrible (I’m just exaggerating.) Once the grilling is over, the two of us notice student after scarelieved-out-of-his/her-wits student struggle with the door. We decide to conduct an experiment: we compare the number of female vs male students that have it in them to unlock the door without us telling them that the door is locked. Girls 3 – Boy (boy oh boy!)  1. Although the whole group did not participate in the study, bear in mind that we had 11 females in a class of almost 80 kids. Our findings were very much to the liking of my guest; plus it coincided with March 8.  I have been having trouble “feeling” my phone on vibrate. People got mad at me for not answering their calls; I spent a lot calling them back. So now it is instrumentals: Oh Yeah, Foxy Brown (54-46 was My Number, Toots and the Maytals) for incoming calls and Da Rockwilder, Redman and Methodman (the shortest song ever!) for incoming texts. Most neighborhood souqs in Bahir Dar come in the form of cavities hollowed out of residential compounds. The shopkeepers are usually busy in the main house, doing this or that chore, that a customer may have a hard time calling them and getting served. Last night I was almost  tempted to steal  a couple of tomatoes from this deserted shop whose owners are hard-of-hearing. Or it may be that I am hard-of- speaking.  Tomatoes are good for sweaty feet. Books I am trying to read: Que Yo Se De La Biblia (Started it last year); Devil on the Cross (I should finish it by the end of this year); Memoirs of a Geisha (I can’t help but think of dear old Oshin); One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Imitation of Christ (My father’s favorite.)  I need to call my mom. I recently finished reading Atonement. For some strange reason, I used to think it was about the Irish people and their issues with the British. A thought from the book that has stuck with me and which, I dare say, has crossed my mind in some form before: 

But wasn’t she—that was, Briony the writer—supposed to be so worldly now as to be above such nursery-tale ideas as good and evil? There must be some lofty, godlike place from which all people could be judged alike, not pitted against each other, as in some lifelong hockey match, but seen noisily jostling together in all their glorious imperfection. If such a place existed, she was not worthy of it. She could never forgive Robbie his disgusting mind. 

If I have my way and write a poem about it, the first verse would be  “It  is not a fucking game!” DMX voice. I mean, why can’t we just wish each other good luck instead of trying to recruit people to the “winning team” at  the our best and at our worst, giving them hell on earth for being part of  the losing team? And yay! I finished reading Shakespeare’s (or as Sibhat would call him, Tor Neqniq’s) Julius Caesar on the ides of March. Soft, ho! The president of the university thinks it a good idea to mingle with his subjects  fellow teachers at lunch in that disappointment of a staff canteen they call ToTawochu’s . For Heaven sakes man! Don’t descend to our level; pull us up. I checked all the windows if they were closed, twice; then I opened the door ready to leave; then turned back to check if the windows were closed –by staring at them. To be continued depending on my mood. Continued already

 Words to be found in Amharic English: delayance, failurity, …. Fuck paper cuts man! Now ideas are dribbling like urine.

And then it stops.


Post 333, that’s what’s up!!!

57. Hassab flakes

Here we go. I am growing tired of talking and hearing about football. The part I hate the most is talking every other guy/girl’s talk. I wish I had another topic about which I and a few other people were just as passionate .I still love football though and I have grown tired of people tired of talking and hearing about football; I have gown tired of myself. I am confident that Manchester United will beat Chelsea. I have become so erroor prone that I am in bad need of formatting or something. May be I need to unwind –there will be meters of me then. But first Parkinson’s Law must come through for me: I hope work shrinks, in an appropriate manner, to fill the time available for its completion. I keep getting mad at people. I used to be so psyched about holiday eves and dread the day after. In a major paradigm shift, I now can not wait for feasts to be over and look forward to being the first one to wake up on a normalized aftermath. The lady from English news, Eri tv is hot. She may be careless as to not make a distinction between New Zealand and Ireland but still…  And besides she goes by the same name as this girl I (used to) have a crush on. Good Friday has this unmistakable feel or even color to it. My Spanish profesora may believe that I smoke weed. I bought A 20th Century Anthology – hope I get to read it. Downloaded a bunch of Louis Armstrong’s songs- hope I get to listen to them.  Why are stories about prostitutes becoming commonplace on newspapers and magazines? Rooooooney just scored!  Why don’t they write instead about women who made it on other fields?   Is prostitution really the foremost option for   a destitute woman?  Or do choice and mental strength have a part to play? Teddy Afro+ Kaliti + Prison – that was just an experiment to lure new visitors; if they ask you why I did it tell them I did it for the stats. I wanted to apply for positions in the newly established Ethiopian universities but turned out that it was for training and employing undergraduates. I think my country hates me. Melkam Fasika everyone! How can I see that person sleeping on the street and go on my way as if everything is okay? I am afraid of and do not like doing good. The worst dream I could ever have is a pipe dream-literally.  I just can not stop “feeling the flow” with my hands to see if a pipe has been really turned off or not; feeling is believing afterall.  Ballack scored again and I am pissed off as hell. Bemayagebagne gebche tekatelku eko!? Betty esey! Imagine me having a nightmare about me being in a room full of pipes with water flowing … it turn off this and that and return back to the first then feel it…..scary!!!! I may be wrong but I am showing some symptoms of passive aggressiveness.  The degree of it may not be enough to merit me the title king of the land of passivo aggressivo  ( yes that was inspired by  Derrick and Addison Shepperd  and again, yes I am doing it for the stats ) but I still can swing it as “ye passivo aggressivo desk halafi ” of  some kebele. What is the policy on guys digging Grey’s Anatomy? House is great too. I must have my lunch more often. I fail to remember when last I was myself and if I have ever been myself. I remember hearing one guy say in a movie that at a certain age a person reaches a weird sense of equilibrium –I wonder what and when that could be. Mariah has done it; now I wish if Whitney could bounce back.  There was not a World Malaria Day until now!!!!!! Not that it would do a world of good.  Still hoping for a tranquil and decent prayer. As you can see I have not yet organized my thoughts on organizing my thoughts. I done showed my colors though.



Just pour some milk on it and it is good to go.




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