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So, my little sister made me look good, again. She took my money and did something meaningful with it that I got መመረቅed by our parents: ‘እሱም ተጨንቆ እንዲህ ያደርግ ጀመር?!’ The money was originally meant for 40/60. አገሬ ስመለስ አንገት, ከተቻለም the rest of the body ማስገቢያ ይሆናል ብዬ…


My sister always knows whuz good. It was with her that I got to see Hasset Acoustics doing their thing. Had a great time sitting too close to the big ass speaker notwithstanding; and despite the guy who had invited her to check out the place መሞዳሞዲንግ with her, in my presence, አምላክ ያሳያችሁ, ዕቃ አረገኝ’ኮ!, like he wanted her to check out some other place.

From the members of Hasset on show that night, Sami Dan has gone on to do big things. But it was Chelina who was the real star. Hope she would blow up soon. Girl got it. And she got that Amy Winehouse thing going on.

And oh, I once had the opportunity to clap eyes on Ayu Alemu in closeish quarters. He didn’t say hi. The moral of the story is, I have seen people 🙂

I know that someday that I will have to find someone other than my sister to outsource my ቁምነገር doings to so that I could concentrate full-time on ቧልት::

My bars:

Your worst nightmare n#$%a, don’t wanna press rewind

Wanna kill me n#$%a, you gotta stay in line

Real bars!

I am of the opinion that The Tonight Show is beneath Black Thought:

A proposed track listing for Young Dolph’s mixtape 😀

young dolph

Arguably one of the best passages in The Bible juxtaposed with some dubious advice:


I have this recurring dream where I come to a river and I would go “not this fucking river again!” Could it be the river Styx?




የእህት ቀን

Have I ever told how amazing my sister is? All of my four sisters are amazing in fact. But she is the one I could tell anything and everything to, including dirty jokes. She massages my back when it hurts. One could always find some kind of snack in her room and finish it before she even gets a chance to taste it. She gave our home phone number to one of her high school friends, just for the fun of it, and የተረገመች ልጅ called me, and played me. Through the years, we would መኮራረፍ for weeks at a stretch, but hey, ብርሌ እንኳን ይጋጫል::

I know she got my back, we go way back, duh!, and I hope we get to go way in front. I will be going to their house and telling her husband ዞር ዞር ብለህ ና, ጨዋታ ብጤ አለችን::

And today I received these from her:



Ill-advised (a bit like this), spending all that money on postage fees. I have told her as much, and she had decided even before I did to not send stuff to me ever again. Still, that does not take away anything from the package. Quality stuff from a quality girl, heart of gold (with some impure spots whence are spawned devious plans to play games on her brother.)

Had run out of ቶሞካ and ሮቤራ:: Coffee is a big part of my day. The one I bought here either too weak or too strong እየሆነ አስቸገረኝ:: Now problem has been solved big time. See how big the packages are?! ግን አማርኛው ለምን አነሰ? Robera, although a close second in taste, it somehow makes up for in decent Amharic print on the packaging.

I remember GeTere’s post from a few years back where he was wary of telling people that his stash has been replenished. But I ain’t like him. My coffee is to be shared as has been stated here.

አያችሁ ladies and gentlemen?  See what I did there? I just pulled up a few of our old posts in my cheap effort to write a new one. I also threw in my good sister for good measure. I should not even be blogging ye all. After getting slaughtered this afternoon in the test, to the point of forgetting we had another class, maybe it would be best to be reading than writing shit.

Fuck it though. Sisters deserve a post, music, and a day of the year dedicated to them.


In the absence of music praising the highly significant contribution of sisters in the advancement of brotherly causes, I am forced to 🙂

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