an external observation, an internal one and a joke which, I fear, no one is going to get

  • Five years after Jah Yasteseryal, it dawned on our spiritual leaders -the importance of asking amnesty for the jailed Dergue officials. Who was it that said “zefagne ayTSedqim?”…
  • I am sick of people flaunting their love -f them! Long live divorces and separations! May the pool of people whom I think I have a chance with (yeah right!) keep on getting wider!!
  • What you are about to see is a play on the myth of Psyche and Charon. Inspiration has been taken from the behavior exhibited by bajaj drivers at dusk and/or when signs of rain are seen.


39. Holy smokes! There is no smoke and no England?!

Truth be told there was plenty of smoke in my neighborhood.  In a society like ours endowed with Ohms and Ohms of resistance to change , I do not know  if and when the practice can be stopped. Should it be stopped?  Would the air get cleaner if we pass on a once in a year thing and forgo its traditional value? I doubt it. 

In immunology class I discovered that yehidar beshita was actually the influenza pandemic that ravaged the world between 1918 and 1919 (koshasha makatel was started in 1912 Ethiopian Calendar if I am not mistaken). Influenza antigenic subtypes are named based upon two glycoproteins inserted into the bilipid layer of the pathogen. These glycoproteins known as hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase  (NA) undergo genetic drift and genetic shift to give rise to different variants of the virus.The first influenza virus was isolated in 1934 and given the subtype designation H0N1.Infamous for causing SARS, H5N1 was isolated from chickens and humans in 1997.      

 Sorry, I got carried away. 

You might know the story about this kid who was throwing back into the sea fish washed ashore.  An observer asked the kid whether he felt overwhelmed and his effort  in vain considering the countless fish that were fighting for their lives. The kid answered that his actions mattered for each fish that he was able to throw back. Props to people like Betty who carry used tissue, some which they have not used, in their backpacks pending disposal at the right place.  And props ,WTF, to me  for not spitting, be it game or phlegm, on the streets.  I do not condone menged lai meshinat  but  think menged lai metfat is easier to avoid : I mean, it is not like you have to go or something. 

The point is that we need more people who keep on doing the right thing no matter how wrong the circumstance is. Blessed be the person who does not add to a pile of dirt! 

Once on a football commentary I heard Spain being refereed to as the perennial underachievers.  This statement needs revising and especially after last night’s defeat of England at the hands/feet of Croatia.  Holland, Spain and England are all serious contenders for the title. Looking at how they fared since 1990, England has missed out on a World Cup (1994) and European Championship (2008). And every time they have made it to the big level, they have never failed to disappoint. Their best performance was fourth in 1990.  Like Nelly would say, 2 is not a winner, 3 nobody remembers, and 4…. who gives a rat’s ass!   

And 1966 is ancient history. 

So it’s official: England are the ultimate overhyped perennial underachievers. 

My condolences to the fans. 

It is a shame not being able to see Rooney on two and a half big occasions. 

What do Zeritu Kebede and Amy Winehouse have in common (except for exceptional singing)?  Attitude! Though I think Zeritu had all the right reasons to make her do what she did, look at what they said and tell me if you see any similarity:

Zeritu – “DJ, yambulen kifetilachew!” 

Amy _ “All of you who are jeering, just wait until my husband gets out of incarceration; and I mean that ’’ (maybe I have remixed it a bit.) 

Both classics and both funny as hell. 

More comparisons: listen to  Wake up alone . Is anyone reminded of Simesh gen alchilim  or is it just me?  

 On the  egna sinwaded  vcd , someone in the crowd is seen waving the American flag in the middle of the hageren alresam song.  I tried but could not find a reason to make the action appropriate. Would someone please reinstate the giraf punishment and serve the fool forty of those?  Thanks! 


31. Emenugne,mechereshaw arif new!

                         Been around the world ayayyaya

                         Been looking for some good porn… 

Whuz good everyone?!  

Like I hinted it would be, this was to be a dirty post. But regrettably, there were some hiccups. Here at andthree, we plan to pride ourselves in posting unpredictable yet credible shit (don’t we, guys?). Taking the case with most porn movies, their plot is predictable that it could be summed up in three words –the guy comes(unlike Godot). And the in between, it is like once you have seen one, you have seen them all: I wonder why we bother watching another one ¡ And besides, not only is the plot predictable, but it also lacks all credibility. I mean, no sooner has the postman delivered the post than them being at it. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that, there ain’t gonna be no vulgarity on this site anytime soon. That is unless we come across one with a knockout storyline or that exhibits knockout positions- in the pedigree of &§. 

Getting back to our humdrum regular blogging services……..  

Nina Simone:


I first heard this name way back on the movie point of no return. The main character, an assassin played by Bridget Fonda, was fond of listening to Nina‘s songs. I got to hear the mood indigo years later and recently I found a collection of hits of the sixties that has five of her songs.  Wild is the wind has to be my favorite song at the moment. I hear it and it sends me to this room with the curtains blowing in the wind, revealing the blue waters. I know the title is supposed to be a metaphor. I read she lived in Barbados for many years. That, added to the fact her ashes were spread in many African countries (I am not sure if Ethiopia was among those) and the very remote probability that I might have inhaled part of her, may be causing my vision.

 Along with Anita Baker and Rod Stewart, she is on the list of singers whom I want to own many cd’s of. 

If memory serves me right, I first heard Semahegne Belew’s debot enisira  around this time last year. Then, I thought  it  was going to blow up given the fact that in my opinion it has what it takes to make one break out in eskista –at least when no one else  is  watching; and a nice video to boot. Strangely, I happened to hear it on tv /the radio only twice ever since; the last time being Friday. Still I have to maintain it is quite groovy.  

I know it is the season for gize lekulu. Though I still can not understand why he would decide to use the sound of a dewel after a verse about a meleket, I think it too is a great song .But you will not find me blowing that trumpet (no sexual pun intended). 

Why? In addition to avoiding the risk of respiratory infections with too many people on the same trumpet, I prefer blowing trumpets little blown. Or should people lay down a much blown trumpet, I am the guy to pick it up. That is one reason why I decided to talk about Gigi (told ya, no sexual pun intended!).  

She is due a dope album and her sister is due a dope mezmur album. Gigi’s last one many people did not feel. I never gave it a good listen; may be I would have liked it. Sofia showed a lot of promise on her first album but her second solo one was not like I expected. May be it too I need to listen to good.

Girls come on!

 Taking a wild jump, or a not so wild one as will be evident shortly, to Professor Lukuman Yusuf, he is a renowned Obs. Gyn. He was among the people asked by a magazine to name who they thought were the best in various fields in the last 1000 years. His unexpected choices for the category of best song and music writers has cracked me up ; and this on a day I was finding laughs hard to come by. He picked Ayalneh Mulat (I know of him as a writer and translator of novels and the like) and went on to add Johnny Ragga.  

Doc Luk dutty yeah! Big up yourself for for me main man!! And may you excuse the “doc” for it strictly was for rhyming purposes. 

Getting back to Gigi, I heard her family’s hotel is being sold. Foreclosure is a bitch!  I hope they sort out through any financial troubles they may be having and someday get to buy back what is theirs. Now I feel like I am gossiping. I brought it up only because I wanted to talk about where I saw the haraj announcement  –, and how it was damn near the only thing (along with the brilliant int’l Coke commercial  that shows what goes down in a vending machine) I care to remember from what I have recently seen on ETv. The rest of the programs I had/have the misfortune of watching, I sat/ sit through saying to myself “I am going to explode if I hear one more ‘hidase’ or ‘ ….. hagerachinin beachir ametat wust mekakelegna gebi kalachew hagerat terta lemaselef…’  “; fighting the urge to commit harakiri.


 Enter ETv, where damn near everything is lackluster, dreary, uninspiring, dull, jaded, tame, monotonous, boring, bland (thanks MS Word 2003!); where damn near everything is propaganda or turned so ( case in point:  Demera at Meskel Square, which by the way I think rocked –from celebration point of view.)  It is like the attack of the clones each and everyday. And events transpired  that I would be on the receiving end of this attack- events like DStv losing Premiership broadcasting rights to Gtv. DStv has lost its glory having lost  the Premier League or some 294/380 of it .Arab Sat is not that attractive an option either. Champions’ league is on DStv and Gtv and Showtime Arabia are not official yet. It is dire straits for DStv, DStv betoch, watchers, me … 

There is a web competition called “the goal cup “. What you do is sign up (for free) and pick your own team made up of six players with the option of 20 transfers through the course of the season. The goals members of your team score each week are going to be added up and prizes will be given at the end of the season for the winning team. My team, “the” team, comprises Rooney, Messi, Shevchenko , Fabregas, Ribery and Gabi Milito. Messi has got our team to a good start yesterday. You can also set up your mini league, invite people to join you and enjoy some friendly competition. My league is only me at the moment and its name is, you guessed it, “the” league! 

Please, see if   it tickles your fancy. 

I used to enjoy reading Addis Admas. But nowadays people I have talked to and I myself feel like it is not worth the trouble. It is like one, two and thirty two or whatever. What happened guys?  With printing costs going up by 87%, you better get your act together and swift. Otherwise, I predict there is going to be a major shift in the reader force towards blogs and andthree is going to be a force to be reckoned with. You may think that it is a bit unrealistic in Ethiopia but you have been warned!

They still make sure they come out with the weekly dose of obituaries. And although those things are always sobering, I bet you this one tops them all.


It is from a lady who lost her husband, three kids and a friend in a single car accident a year ago.  She says the driver of the other car which caused the accident posted a three thousand birr bail and has been free for almost all of the time her beloved have been dead. I can not blame her for feeling hard done by the justice system. And I doubt if any amount of sentence would make her incomprehensible pain go away either. And one can not help but see, hear about and be exposed to irresponsible pricks , including oneself, on a daily basis.

I kindly ask anyone who happens to pass though here to pray that she finds solace.


……, really I am a saint! Should you see my halo flicker, it might be that it has short circuited or something.



Blogspot is still blocked but sms is now kosher. I have told you entries ago about the acquisition of the “tachycardia inducing” girl’s phone number courtesy of my brother. For months I had been reluctant to put it to good use. Then under a crazy set of circumstances, and woe this crazy circumstances as Lauryn would say, a fair bit of texting has been going on between us for three days starting on Wednesday. I told her my first name only yesterday evening and it may/ not be enough for her to recognize me by; I am not sure because I have not read from her since. 

Watch this space for the continuing coverage of my life in a way that the people I‘d like associated with it might find overly revealing or offensive even.   

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