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Now I see why I used to flunk Physucks. The books,  had they been as hot as they are now, then maybe, probably, in all likelihood, …


they say it is a beautiful day

sprawled on the asphalt

face down

why do you refuse to take in the beauty

all the movement

all the color around you?

it’s like nature is putting out

for me and you and you and you

look at the spectacle

the magnificence of life, of another day

and all that lies therein

instead of being the spectacle

writing with your own color

red on black

vanity of vanities; all is vanity

too late for you

too early for everyone else to read it

even if  the world had the chance to see it

would they see your face again tonight

a reflection of themselves in the mirror?

yeah, it’s  a beautiful day

with beginnings and ends

comings and goings

everyone’s load is the heaviest

everyone’s on top of the world

endless thoughts

until  suddenly? they are brought to an end

Inspired by the road accident victim whom I saw the last time I went to Haddis Tsige.

And more music

Ever heard of Dub Clossus? It is a mix of great musicians. You have Tsedenya, known mostly as a pop artist but plays jazz quiet comfortably too. Samuel Yirga, a fine pianist. I wish there were more like him – who take old Ethiopian songs and jazz it up. Sintayehu does Azmari songs. I like her songs but after meeting her in person I liked her more. There is Gash Feleke Hailu a well known sax player (to say the least). I think I first saw him in person when I went to Yared Music School to take my probably first ever music lessons (come to think of it I am worse than I was back then). There is of course Nick, who got them all together. Yetebareke. He commands the base guitar well. Here is one song from their first album, A Town Called Addis. As I always say, you need good speakers to appreciate the music. Laptop speakers and other crappy speakers have poor response to bass. And dub music is nothing without bass.

I saw Mesfin Abebe on a video of one of his recent songs. After all these years he doesn’t look as aged as you might expect. Well done man! Students, see what music does to you?

World music from lastfm

I have been listening to “World Music” from lastfm the past two weeks. I discovered good bands and groups. I have about fifteen songs in my “burn on CD” list. Three of them here.

Shrine – Beats Antique

They say “some rights reserved” on their website, which turns out to be a Creative Commons License. The song is free to copy, remix and use for commercial use! Oy. But why are almost all their shows in the states. They should go out a bit more like their songs.

Habibi Min Zaman – Balkan Beat Box

In fact I discovered this band after a Balkan music night in Edinburgh by a group who call themselves Balkanarama. Balkanarama’s tag line is “Hot Balkan Instrumental Orgy!”. Trust me, they mean it. The very next day I started digging Balkan music on Spotify and BBB came on top of my search.

Bo’ee – The Idan Raichel Project

This one is in Hebrew and Amharic. The deep male voice singing in Amharic is by a Begena musician. Anyone know his name? He is known for singing spiritual songs but he doesn’t at all feel out of place here. I love the video. Friends hanging out can make a great clip too! There are comments on the video with Amharic & Hebrew to English translation.



Nice Impression of Michael Caine.

This guy is good too.

Michael Cain doing Michael Cain!

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